Thursday, March 19, 2009

Running Blog #19 100K for the year!

Sigh! It's been a week since my last run.
I was excited by today's practice run because I'm gonna hit my 100KM accumulated mileage for the year- but then my stomach is just so full that it seems am not gonna carry a practice run....good thing macho man is running buddy who's always positive.
Cheero! I started a good warm up- leg curl, squat, stretching, bench dip and few lats.
After all those routines I felt like the food in my tummy went somewhere.

We started running quite late....the uphill of JAE and Steniel really took toll on me. God! I thought am never gonna make it....macho man kept me focused with his story.....before I realized we were near WDC and back to JAE. Total training time 45 minutes- the slowest in our record. But hey! The great thing about today's run is that I finally hit the 100K mileage, which came too late-this should have come around Feb.

Because of this practice run result- am a little hesitant to show up at the Condura Run 09.....Hmmm.....I know I know this is one event a runner should not miss. And btw I already have my bib number (7485)....but what can I do I have no practice....

To date my actual mileage is 103.7K to be exact.
Now am sooo sleepy!
At work....the slow down is slowly moving UP- so my PICASA collage is put aside.
No pix today....just thoughts about condura run (IF I can make it nyahahaha!) and pure celebration of my 100K....

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