Sunday, March 29, 2009

Running Blog #22 : Pinay In Action 2009

Above pix is my collage of this morning's Pinay In Action 2009 -fun run event...(Also, my new desktop photo).

It is an all-women run, organized by a woman, a runner and an advocate for women's rights none other than the Senator Pia Cayetano.

I was actually late -according to the race kit, 5K will gun start at 6:05, I arrived around 6:08- there is already a big assembly which I thought was just for 10K....(hmmm started late I thought).

The announcement or instructions or something that I hardly hear was quite lengthy...maybe I my shuffle is quite loud or the megaphone a little low. I couldn't see familiar faces....but after a few scan I saw John-Benet's hubby and their daughter Ash (Benet & Ash runs for 1.6K- the real fun run =) ). After a few hi and hello....I was off to see around. Then I heard that the 5K and 10K will run together- and there's no gun shot...I didn't hear it....I just saw everyone started running. Then have to ask the ladies in yellow shirt "Is 5K running now?"...and they affirmed it then I started running. Whew!
Running again without practice!....actually I still have my monthly period, and hadn't run for 2 weeks. So the short run caused my throat to seek some water. Good thing, the water station was probably after the 1.5K route....just in time when I needed most. It was plenty, surprisingly I enjoyed couple of gulps. Signs of the's summer and it's so hot running around past 6AM.

Running took me a good sight of some men running with girlfriends, daughter, wife etc....
Men are also allowed to run, as long as they register with a woman and they are not entitled of any prize.

Then I run past the senator on my first lap but she run past me on my 2nd lap (whew!). The lady senator is in good shape...her pace is constant that she carry on a conversation so well while running (you might wonder- we didn't talk....I saw her talking all the time with a companion runner). Hmmm....I guess it's something you earn after running all through out two decades.

Well as for me, I was walking all the afraid that I might cramps and can't even finish the 5K loop. But anyways, I ended at 31:55 (P.S. This is still unofficial result, this is the time I saw on the timer before I gave my name). My PR is just like my practice run (uhhhhh but on the plains).

Actually awhile ago I had cramps and it's so nasty....

Overall, the run was just what I needed.

Then while waiting for hubby (I thought he's gonna continue with his shots), I chanced upon the bullrunner - and got a copy of her magazine (I missed it during the condura run) and we had some few shots too.

Here are my favorite shots by moranophotography hehehe

Yes! Another floating shot.....hmmm looks like a jump shot- but am sprinting here.

The wordplay in a vanishing point of view.

Of course my shot with the bullrunner and the little bullrunner with Kuya =) -yes! finally got to meet her.

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