Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Running Blog #24: 8K Today!

Yes! Today I did a practice run of 8K cummulative.
I was with macho man- speed training and some conversational update regarding the business.

After our 1st lap- 5K, we headed back to the gym for some lifts and stretching....a had very few strides of warm up. I basically warm up to the pave.

After the lifts we did the reverse route but shortened it to Maxim- we avoided the Telford side, probably its 8K. To my dismay, I wasn't able to track the distance- though I was able to track time because the watch is in auto pause.

Total training time today is 52:29.75 for the 8K and shed off some 500 calories. Information courtesy of garmin baby.
The heart rate did not beep beep because I did not choose the heart rate program. But maybe because I trained at lower bpm of 156, our pace is 6:38/km.

Then the GPS route did not activate nyhahahaha and to my dismay....waaaah! and battery is now 56% considering it was only a day ago since I charged the watch.

Sigh! I guess I have to seriously study my it did not delivered what I needed =(

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