Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Running Blog #17: Fast Feet

I woke up today a little lazy- I dozed off late....maybe I had a hard time going back to running.

I was thinking I am probably starting a hate-love relationship with running.....hmmmmm....I thought it was pure love baby....what have gone wrong?

Well the thought just passed like some notorious lover quarelling.

So this is the price of being late for work (yah! good thing there is crewing shuttle bus, I had a good chance to get to work without much hassle).

So I sat down to start another desk job at the office, my laptop hang on me....because I just hibernated it the other day with loads of windows open.

So while waiting....I decided to grab the "Our daily bread" pocket magazine handed by one of my friends as christmas present.

As if God must have heard my agony....and I found this verse:

  • The Lord is my strength; He will make my feet like deer's feet, and He will make me walk on my high hills. -Habakkuk 3:19.

Wow! God is indeed omnipotent, that He had everything written including an ultimate inspiration for my passion.

So I spent the day creatively.....in between breaks I tried doing a photo collage of the wonderful memories I shared with friends and family (I have posted some of my work below).

At the end of my desk job I was a renewed person ready to run again....this time no more excuses. I took a first 5.3K run with the smartkid, before we ended our practice run macho man and his friend find their way on coming behind us and surpassing us, we finished at 34 min or 9.35 km/hr slightly slower than yesterday's feat.

I celebrated the day with an extra run of 1.4 Km at 10 min. I guess am on my way to complete my first 100K for the year.



I don't know why the text did not come out- The Boys enjoying Anawangin Cove from a recent vacation.

The photos were taken at Matabungkay beach resort way back Oct 30, 2008- during our 10th wedding anniversary.

This photo is way back Jul 24, 2008- MNM's bday bash at the hooters (my sister celebrated with us).

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