Wednesday, March 25, 2009

All about TJ

TJ-tee jay is the reversed initials of Justine Tiffany, my daughter.

Her name Justine means "fair", "Justice", "Righteous"- the initial J is a tribute to me as her mother.

Tiffany means "God's manifestation", the initial is a tribute to her grandmother whose names both begin in letter "T".

Righteous God's manifestation is how I exactly felt when finally I was confirmed pregnant on December 8, 2003. After 3 yrs of grueling infertility work up, finally I was rewarded with a child in my womb.

Now TJ is growing up fast -she is turning 5 this coming Jul 8.

We have a very strong bond. At her tender age she already understood that it is important for us to please God.

My daughter loves the fantasy of a princess- her favorite character/icon is the dancing princess.

She love story....she love to tell story about every event in her life.

She love to hear her story.

One of her favorite is the story of how she came to this world.

I told her that the best "pink" gift I received from Papa Jesus is Justine Tiffany.

Yes, true to this belief....she is indeed my best gift.

Everytime I hear her sang - tomorrow and other piece of song, which she unbelievably memorize at her heart is so overwhelmed that I cannot help but praise God.
Her song bonded us....lately we watched mama mia the movie- to our surprise, my daughter appreciate every song in that movie.
One song that really amazed me which she liked and way back when I was child that I also love to sing is "Thank you for the music" by Abba....isn't it amazing that we can sing together a song we both love.

Last week, the most wonderful surprise any parents would have received is knowing that their children took home an honor.

Yes, we least expect her to become an honor student at the nursery stage- but she does it.

Yesterday, while am on sickleave we had another wonderful conversation.....she is now testing her logic.

When possible, the lullaby I used to song to her as baby.....I try to hum it her ears.

I know she felt happy and grateful.

TJ TJ Baby love na love ni mommy (2x)

TJ TJ Baby honey girl ni daddy.

I guess the only problem I had with her is her eating habits....she really just can't eat a lot.

She is underweight and looked frail.

But right now I am a little positive because she responded well to my psyche...she wanted to eat well so she could sing more, be far from disease and sickness, and become more beautiful "pink" gift.

I would say that my daugther is a blessing not only to me, but to the others as well.

I am so amazed of her empathy and her ability to love unconditionally....she taught me a lot! when I thought she should be the one learning from me- I bet it's the other way around.

My daughter never laid her hands to her brother and best friend Matti- because she loved him, even if Matti is hurting her. Sometimes, I got irritated by their sibling fights....I saw how Matti poked her....I ask TJ that she revenge and fight back- but then the more she cried, and told me she'll never lay hands to her brother.....lucky Matthew!

I would say the kindness in her is from within....a blessing from God.

As I have always say on my prayers.....

Dear God, make me a better mother for TJ.
Direct me to do the things appropriate for TJ's growth
in accordance to your grand plan
and in accordance to what you wanted her become.

Today as I write this blog....I mesmerized the sweet smell of her kisses....she loves her parents so much.

I wish my baby girl will always stay that way- the sweetness, the voice, the song we sing together....I feel like heaven in her embrace.

P.S. I will update this post with TJ's photo collage.

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