Monday, March 9, 2009

Running Blog #16: Footloose

Today is my second run for the month of March.
It was an intense run with Macho Man....we were talking all throught out about my faith, my personal belief and a lot of other things that probably bothered some of our friends over our marathon YM last Sat-Sun (It was yeah technically Sunday already 2 AM?!).

I felt so loose that I take everything to running my gripes, my bad mood and my inconveniences that lately manifesting (the usual sigh! problem with the sugar).
Yeah! I had a hard time collaborating everything - a quick meeting, a quick learning (collage in Picasa), then I realized I couldn't manage a quick IM conference....I was a little overwhelmed today...and running was just sooo good for me.

We took today's practice run at 33 minutes or 9.6 Km/hr....not bad. But I realized am still not in good shape. Sigh! I guess this is the reason why as much as possible I don't want to stop running. I just have to run....if I can do it everyday I would. I just love doing it over and over until I feel my whole body is loose.....yah that is why today's blog is footloose.

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