Thursday, March 5, 2009

Running Blog #15: My first run for March

This is my first run for the month.....after more than two of weeks of not being able to feet feels like leaping higher getting striding longer hehehe...but it's no truth my stats won't agree.

I had a good start, great warm up for my hamstring and quad.
And I got a chance to run with my running mate macho man....of course he runs with speed but this time he took on my pace.
It was also a time to chat, reflect hehehe after being absent for a while.
It was nice to be back running in the GBP area...Alas! there were a lot of runners.
Whew! It wasn't so sad to run alone now....there are lots of familiar faces and a lot of them are really cool.
When I used to run alone, I used to ask God to let other people see the beauty of running.
I would tell God that it would be good to be able to run past someone or run across =).....God is always good to me, He gave me what I running alone isn't so lonely....isn't soooo "me".

Hahaha even if I get to talk a lot with macho man, my mind is also drifting between prayers and some thoughts....other places where I can take running.

As I write this blog- I was suddenly reminded of a great place to run in Sagada.
I took below picture to remind me that someday am gonna run here.....I can still remember the smell of the pine tree soothing my lungs loved it. =)

P.S. my stat isn't so bad we ended up at 34 minutes or 9 km/hr.

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