Monday, March 16, 2009

Photo Blog #6: Exploring the coast of Ternate Cavite

March 14-15, 2009- I was supposed to have a visit of San Pablo seven lakes with my friends.....but things changed. My kiddo had this persistent cough which I equated to their asthma then the doctor schedule happens on a other words, I didn't make it!

I guess hubby knew that I was saddened by my unchanged plan.

So....he striked again....another bolt of surprise.

Thursday he SMS me about his plan of going to the coasts of Ternate Cavite after the kiddos checkup.

Honestly, I live in Cavite but haven't been to that place....hmmmm

So this must be an adventure trip.....some bright idea took on my brain....I immediately SMS macho man and tried asking if he could lend me his cookset and stove....I wanted my kids to experience what its like camping.

Well, it wasn't so bad after all trading off San Pablo seven lakes from the coast of Ternate Cavite.

We went to the Marine Base Camp, it was actually government facility but is not open to the public- you get there through a referral (maybe from an officer of the marine corps).

I was pretty much taken by the view of the tip of Cavite....the white sand is great comparable to that of Anawangin cove....the water hmmm still OK (considering it's still Manila Bay).....the view atop the hill is also breathtaking....the pavement is also OK (maybe the marines on training are the one maintaining it?!?- i dunno....i have just deduced because the garbage are being maintained by them, and then they were also fetching water for some of the exclusive rooms).

Some set-backs I realized is that this place is not always available for public. Sigh! Like the upcoming balikatan exercise- the place will be a venue for military exercises....and won't be available for quite sometime.

Other opportunities for improvement I noticed:

  1. I guess even if I have seen an hourly garbage collection from the trainees, the garbage is still littered around. Maybe it's not their fault anymore, the place is so windy that uncovered trash bin may not be spared.

  2. I also noticed that the marines are burning the waste collected on certain schedule. As an environment and LNT advocate, I really disagree to this method. I was even thinking to approach the guys and expressed my opinion....but what can they do? I believe this young trainees are just following the old rule says "Obey first before you complaint."

  3. The water supply is fact, we ended up not rinsing or having a final bathe before going home....anyways, we were just an hour away from home.

To sum up-my overall experience is a wonderful adventure with my family....I was so happy that the kids get to experience what it's like camping at their age.

I know this experience is something they will always cherish.


  1. Hi, I was just wondering if you guys know how much are the rooms or cottages in Ternate Marine Camp... and also how many does one accommodates? We are planning kasi to go there but we need to finalize everything.:) Thanks for your help. - Mic

  2. Hi, I heard the rooms are between 800-1000 pesos for overnight accommodation.