Sunday, March 22, 2009

Running Blog #21: Didn't make it to Condura Run

Sigh!.....I feel like I am not in a good shape as runner.

I can't keep commitment(s)...or I'd say I commit half-heartedly.

Yes. That is what happened to the suppose single fun run I intend to join this March 09- The condura run which took place this morning, 6 AM at the Fort.

But what can I do....yesterday was fun filled activity for my kids.

Yesterday morning was their recognition ceremony (was reschedule from Mar 20 to Mar 21, notification was given a week after I decided to register for condura).

Then in the afternoon we took a time to socialize at my husband's was their employees day.

Ok -one body can't have everything. That is what happened to me today...we went home around 1 AM- then I woke up 8:30 AM- I SMS smartkid and sforty- smartkid responded that he was still running while sforty was soooo excited as he took the half marathon at 2 hrs and 21 minutes- hmmm sub 3.

That was great! While I took a great slumber.....I'm sure I missed a lot including TBR's magazine launching, the custome parade/contest and of course the fiesta mania of a fun run.....I am missing this type of event, the last fun run I had was the Happy Run.

As I have said awhile ago, one can't have everything.....the trade off on the otherhand was equally important. My daughter was the first honor in their class and she's got a lot of awards too and she sings too- her rendition of "Just one little candle".

The employees day was funfilled treat to the kids, they had so much fun on the carnival rides.

My hubby took on a little surprise on us- my running avatar, which he photographed last Oct 08- was part of their photo exhibit hehehe.

I rest my case now....just did some photo collage to neutralize my anxiety. =)

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