Thursday, March 12, 2009

Running Blog #18: Snake on the run!

Today's practice running is just an ordinary practice.

Macho man and I took the 5.3K route by 34:29, a little slower than the usual.

After we finished the route we went back to the gym for a little rest on the leg curl, bench dip and decided to have additional two laps around ADGT means plus 2.6K.

As we were about to go to our starting point, we saw Red and invited him over...then there's happy feet- it was nice....feel good running with fellow mountaineer.

We were all engrossed to make our feet faster....then something strange- Macho man met someone nyahahaha he shouted "Snake!". It was already dark when we took another PR- but then seeing a snake on the really strange, I never saw one on the mountain and I am praying not to really see any.

Whohoooo.......with this news that might spread the running community in GBP.... I was just thinking, would it affect the runners....will they fear that area or are we gonna lost count of runners or would it make GBP route more exciting???? hmmmm actually I realized if I was in Macho man's position I probably would step on the snake as I usually look forward.

Sigh! And that snake is oh so big one.

By the way, here is another photo collage courtesy of Picasa 3....done during my slack moments.

I might write about the "How To" of making a photo collage in Picasa 3- it's really simple, and am hooked up.
All photos courtesy of moranophotography- taken last Dec visit to Naga City.

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