Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Running blog #65

What is your running essential? How do you prepare for your training? Let me share mine.
      By the way am doing this diary so I would know and come back on a record of what work best.  
     Remember, I am training for another full marathon.

Since I do lunch running, here are some of my preparations:

- Everything starts at breakfast. My typical breakfast would comprise brown or black rice, vegetable and meat, fruits and yogi tea.

- For my training clothes, my work bag is loaded with my apparel, food, two bottles of water and sometimes I could still squeeze in my laptop in a 30 li backpack. My husband would sometime comment that it's a magical bag like those of Hermione from Harry Potter.

But the secret of it all is proper packing.
See below photos for my sampler.

- Two hours before my training I take vitamins and lots of water.

- My training essential includes: sunblock, sun visor, shades, dri fit shirt, capri, mizuno running shoes, dry max socks, Spibelt, simple hydration and of course runkeeper.

I wish I could try also using an armband when I'm running to keep iPod or iphone. But nothing fits my slender arm, it usually fell off. Perhaps it will work when I grew muscles on my biceps lol

- For long runs I put on petroleum jelly, I bring my clif shot bloks. I guess that's all. These things are squeeze on my mini bag.

- Post training, I have a mini Kikay kit that have it all to freshen me up when I come back to my desk.

Today's run is overcast. I stole 40 minutes training time outside while everyone else are having their sumptuous lunch. I spent 15 mins at the gym wondering why Runkeeper didn't record my run correctly, I'm still lost of possible reason.

Anyways, I am über thankful that I went out for my maintenance run, I was able to get away from tons of job that slowly takes away my sanity. The weather is great, overcast and breezy. I realized this is my second run for December, oh I can't believe it's my 5th year now. But I still feel so newbie in this sport.


My small pouch for my running apparel

sporting the armband I got from early bird reward....I can't have it waaah

Kikay kit- sun block, moisturizer and lotion -post workout

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