Sunday, December 9, 2012

Five years and counting ❤❤❤

Time flies so fast that this year December is a celebration of my 5th year as a runner or a jogger.
I celebrated it with a race dubbed as "Sabado Night Run" organized by One Meralco foundation.

The kids run 800 meters while Mom & Dad took off the 6km distance. It was fun. The race was very intimate as it was participated mainly by Merlaco employees and dependents.

The race had a great vibe. Winners were really fast. Matthew had a nice PR at 5:30 while Tiffy had a side stitched finishing at 6:18. Me and Dada had a blast at 35:56 I didn't know I could still run at almost 6mpk. I'm just perplexed why RK stopped mileage recording but didn't with time.
Maybe because I accessed the training plan for Sunday *lol*as part my activity.

We went home really late because we watched the program and was surprised that prizes for the winners were really awesome....a merry Christmas present too.

Official time - my runkeeper ditched me.

I am the photographer and they forgot to take my pix.

Kiddos excited on the run

Post run- they mingle with the mascots

Tiffy's official time for 800m- side stiched and some hiccups...thank God she finished it.

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