Sunday, December 30, 2012

Running blog #70: December Races

I rarely race but this December I realized I did 3 fun run. Oops I exceeded my quota of at least one race per quarter lol!

Dec 8- Sabado Night Run, 6k, 36:00
Dec 23- Run for Pablo, 10k, 1:04
Dec 30- Rizal Day Run, 32km, 4:24 (unofficial)

What I like about these races are the intimacy between organizers and runners, it's no frills and provides the basic need of the run and be hydrated and above all enjoy. I don't have issues with not having sport drinks because I prefer water and clif shot bloks. Cold water should be enough.

This morning was my first attendance of BR events. I love how the race was conducted. The route, hydration and fuel support was very strategic. I wish to regularly run this race as this is timely for me to shed off excess fat gained during the holiday. I feel so plump during the first 5k, I gained about 3 kg during the holiday plus 5 days of inactivity, it felt terrible. I feel so heavy. See how much it slowed me to Gary's pace lol!

I discovered that I enjoy having skyflakes during a long run. The hot noodles were welcoming to my groaning tummy and of course the usual saba or boiled banana.
BR's race is one of kind. I forego taking the softdrinks being served because my tummy's sensitive with carbonated drinks.
How I wish to join his other events. But I doubt that given his mainstream is ultra running. This is probably the only race my body could afford haha. I really feel happy completing the race even if it took me huffing and puffing on the final stretch.

My last race is a great cap off for 2012, it's only fitting to dedicate this run to the man who has given so much to the Filipino people. Hats off to Dr Jose Rizal.

Happy new year to all!

Souvenir shots with the BR & The top 4 finisher.

Dalagan Pablo- Race for the victims of typhoon Pablo.

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