Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Running blog #66

Yesterday as I was checking my schedule, I kinda feel sad knowing that Wednesday lunch meeting hinder my lunch repertoire.
But then God is good because last night I received an SMS for the meeting cancellation. Woohoo!
So before I sleep, I packed my running gear.

This morning, I ate heartily! I intend to do more. But then, I got stucked in a meeting from 9:15 to 12. I was contemplating if I should run. The sky is dark perhaps the effect of typhoon Pablo (Bopha) that smashes the southern part of the Philippines. The weather is so gloomy. But I still decided to go out, it must not dampen my spirit. Besides, I have a lot to do. I intend to harness some more energy by going outside for a quick run.

I finished at about 38 mins, it wasn't bad. All those ascent felt great. But perhaps for the week today is my final maintenance run. Job gets in the way. There's so much to do tomorrow- audit, working lunch and more....


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