Monday, November 26, 2012

Running blog #62

The picture below- What do they have in common? Of course they are all stuff for running.
Well, the photo is taken prior a test run. Yes, I am testing these items or shall I say am breaking in.

I want to know how it felt like to have Spibelt and simple hydration together.

The shoes already ran about 10km. And today I have added some more mileage.
Wave Precision 12 bought from Like My Kicks, Spibelt and Simple hydration

My verdict:
The Spibelt is very light weight and the simple hydration can be used in tandem with it. There is no bounce and everything is accessible while on the run. There is no need to stop. I would say that both the Spibelt and simple hydration can be used for runs from 10-16km (without refill) and during races. One can avoid the use of plastic cups and simply refill the simple hydration.
I can't wait to use these stuff on long runs.

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