Monday, November 26, 2012

Photoblog #19

Random photo from my phone since this blog entry is being tested via mobile apps.

If I am single I would travel around Busuanga through boat expedition, there will be no accommodation cost- just pure fun, island hopping and beach bumming.
I'll probably include El Nido in the list of destination and go on a day tour at club paradise then will dock to Calauit to visit the giraffe.

Well but of course I am day dreaming... snapping back to reality, am travelling with two kids and that is not a possibility. They will have difficulty living on the sea. I would have to be contented by the fact that  I'm blessed because my kiddos are always on the go, and both are adventure seeker, it is really a lot fun to have them.

I hope someone who read this will try out my dream expedition, and tell me what it's like :-)

Feeding the giraffe is a lot of fun!

Your typical post card photo of Coron Island- this view is during our trek to Kayangan lake

Sunset at Pass Island

Trek to Mt Tapyas

Snorkeling at Lusong Island shipwreck

Kissing the giraffe- trick photo ops

Marty upclose grazing

Pass island sunset view

jumpshot at Mt Tapyas

I love this creature...they are blessed with so much grace. They seemed to be very gentle.

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