Friday, November 30, 2012

Running blog #64

Work gets into my nerve last night 'twas terrible. I have to access work from home.
So in between slow VPN connection to our intranet, I was also researching about Divisoria (perhaps another reason why VPN almost crawled). I have mixed feeling of going there. Safety and direction are my major concern. It's over a decade since I set foot in this shopper's mecca. So I really tried to check all the maps and blogs that could help me get through. I was clueless of time, perhaps slept at midnight.

I overslept my excitement. I woke up feeling crappy, as if I hear myself say "Today I swear am not doin' anything lalala". I wasn't able to get to Divisoria today.  I regret not planning a long run instead of Divisoria. And Bruno Mars music plays in my head for the rest of the day.

But before it's over....sometime 5 pm, I realized we can run I laced up. It's better than nothing at all.

PS RK is not accurate today.


As view during the first 500 m

We capped off the day with the christmas tree lighted around island cove

I wonder why RK didn't register 40 minutes vs my watch, perhaps due to poor GPS reception

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