Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Photo Blog #13: Weekend adventure and my wishlist...

Last weekend- we were fortunate to have another weekend vacation at the exclusive hehehe Marine Base Camp in Ternate Cavite.

I'd say exclusive- because only those who knows someone in the Marines can get through the gates =) and we were fortunate that we know someone who knew someone who knew someone in the Marines hahahaha.
And we were fortunate because we were safe and well despite the heavy rains of saturday night that almost washed away our tent or I'd say the sand where we exactly pitch our tent hahahaha.
I am sure less adventurous soul would find it a misadventure- but for me, it's a very fortunate experience....because nobody was hurt and thanks God for he has blessed me with certain sensitivity. Had it not for my nosy smelly sense- We would not figure out the possible disaster or tragedy.
Eventually at the strike of midnight we were evacuating our children from the tent to the nearest safe place. We move the kids and our things to a desserted nipa hut then we quickly took three dome tent out of the sand that is eroding at a very fast rate (propelled by the velocity of the water from uphills of MBC). I don't want to dwell further on what could have been...but I guess even if we were washed away we will stay safe and afloat because of our airbed hahaha- thanks to airbed, a good sleep (post evacuation) and a possible floatation device hahaha.
Some of the great reasons why I still love this place:
  1. Security- I'd say this is one of the safest camp site to bring your family for an overnight swim. The presence of the marines is enough to make you feel secure hehehe. Plus waking up to the sound of the training marines is another experience.

  2. Great wonders from nature- there isn't much development in the place. They call it Boracay de Cavite =) the sand isn't so bad.

  3. Despite the denuded forest of Pico de Loro- I realized that Cavite eco system is still good. Wild monkeys, flying eagles, wild birds, monitor lizard are amongst the animals one can see in the protected area of Cavite. Am not just sure about the population- but I guess there is still hope and I'd say this place Ternate is the last frontier of Cavite.

  4. Awestruck and surprise- the place is full of surprise....knowing that I am geologically situated in Cavite and seeing a wonderful beauty of nature in it is a great surpirse.

  5. My kids love it there....they just love the tides as it physically washes them away.

  6. Finally, the water faucet of the comfort rooms are working. The last time I was in this place, I didn't bother to rinse hahaha anyways its one and a half hour drive to our house.
This is a photo blog but there isn't much photo of the MBC shore or better known as Cavite de Boracay. For more photos click here from my previous visit
We had some photo shoot at the cross of repentance the following day (before we headed to Caylabne)- this is elevated by a few meters compared to the viewdeck (which we visited way back March).

A quick visit in Caylabne provided a chance to do some shoot hehehe

Got a chance to shoot the banana boat ride in Caylabne
We ended up our weekend adventure with a hearty lunch at Pilitas restaurant in Tanza Cavite. I missed the Mutya ng Pilitas Soup hehehe- reminds me of my heyday in Pulse Engineering in EPZA.


A quick update from my bday wishlist- which I have gotten a couple of days.

  • Got my new pair of running shoes....taran- adizero tempo ii - sigh! but got it mens size =( -this is the reason why I got myself Mizuno months back because am having difficulty to get my size from the popular brands adidas and nike. Good thing I was tall enough, because the length of my feet will pass the "hobbits" attribute hehehe.

  • New shirts-formotion from adidas and iamninoy running shirt. The formotion shirt is size small but long enough so theres no need to show some skin hehehe. The iamninoy shirt looks good and it comes along with good deed. I am wearing it this sunday during the mizuno infinity run 09 to help raise fund aimed to fight the education crisis. To know more about iamninoy click here and this was featured as well on the bull runner click here to check her blog on this.

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