Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My experiment on discipline

This is not so related to running, mountaineering or roadtrip.
But this topic comes close to my heart being a mother of two kids.

Tonight I didn't realized that I am about to learn from my children about discipline.

I am in full charged tonight while daddy is out training for his first race this coming Sunday's MILO marathon. Waaah! while I am here at home taking a full rest because I have a painful quadriceps after a clean up climb in Mt Maculot.

Daddy is usually the disciplinarian in our family. Matti is particularly afraid of him...it is dad whose got to get him to do something when we all failed to summon him.

Normally my kids see me as their playmates...we would normally horseplay around the house and would laugh out loud until we pissed daddy with our noise.

I was wondering when will I ever project myself as a slightly grumpy strict mom.

I didn't realize it will happen tonight.
Matti took on his usual bully behavior hurting TJ with his hands.
TJ is the usual slow eater- taking already 2 hours of dinner....and to my dismay we have homework to do....grrrrr......

So the human side or I'd say the dark side (nyay!) of me took toll.
I became a grumpy mommy- confiscating the most priced possession toy car of Matti and tinker bell bag of TJ.
Matti who hated to take his evening wash before bedtime hurriedly took his routine and begged to take his toy back.
TJ who is so slow in her dinner hurriedly and almostly chokingly finished her food (no intentions of choking her). But I guess she did that to take some sympathy and allow her with unfinish meal.
Then afterwards we reviewed their homework.

Hmmmmm....I learned that a little shock of discipline is also good for the kids.
Just like the shock of not having a climb for six months?.....sending every bit of my muscle to rigors of pain.
I realized I missed running so much.Sigh! I hope I'll be able to recover just in time for my first ever (sniff!) 10K race with MILO marathon this coming sunday.

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