Sunday, June 21, 2009

Low low low.....

For the past two weeks I have very low energy.
I am not sick but I just can't do the usual activity that I do.
I even suspected the possibility of AH1N1 infection nyahahaha- but then I don't have the diarhea and the fever symptoms.

I don't even feel excited about upcoming activities.
I'd say this is one of my lowlights hehehe...typically some friends would say "may toyo"- but that's not case. I think I am not depress either- I know what it's like so definitely nothing in my brains thats cheating on me.

So over the weekend I decided to consult my gynecologist- since my condition seemed post menstrual syndrome (PMS). I just feel so unproductive.

So before my appointment to the good doctor- I did a 5K run to island cove- just to check how I am was nice...but I can feel some uneasy feelings on my chest. But I decided not to complain about it since I was running with my husband so I guess it's just gonna ruin our run if I'll be discussing my inconveniences.

So my dreaded appointment with the gyne.....
I am a certified Polycystic Ovary Syndrome patient Waaah!
So I had my papsmear and ultrasound.
The papsmear looks ok but the ultrasound confirms the PCOS.
Sigh! I am through with the infertility work up.
I guess I am now facing the management of PCOS disorder- there are a lot of list to summon for the complications related to PCOS- but the worst is dealing with the PMS.
So here I go again- the guinea pig of another PCOS drug that might help alleviate my symptoms....the doctor think- I have to take yaz - it's crazy cause I don't need some contraceptive pills but the doctor says the other treatment that this drug is offering would help I have to trust it by trying it.
I am still trying to get as much information about this miracle pill for the PCOS patients. But as discussed by my gyne- the pill will help reduce all my PMS related discomfort, help me maintain my weight -wow! this one is really good news.
Maybe- this explains why suddenly I gain weight on the first week of June- I was a little surprised that I weigh 122 lbs from 118 lbs a month ago- so it was really possible that it was water retention - an indicator that I was having PMS? This something that I have to confirm with the gyne on my future visits.

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The good doctor noted my regular excercise as positive to reduce the risk of my PCOS complications but we both realize that exercise alone could not help combat the horrors of PMS.

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