Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My feet feats

Today I was stuck at home trying to cash in some stocks and getting peace at home from the constant quarels of my pre-schooler hehehe....they've grown to debate on almost all things that is for gurls and boys...sigh! sometimes it's funny listening to their drama as my little gurl would identify that her things are exclusively for girls.

In between my stock trading- I get to visit my favorite running sites- runnersworld, The Bull Runner and Takbo.Ph. Wow! I was learning a lot today - my inquiry about the numbness on my feet post run was responded by one of the member of Takbo.ph which bring me to the site of sports injury clinic...I was trying to find out about the explanation of the numbness -and so far the symptom was mentioned in the tarsal tunnel syndrome- hmmm this one sounds scary, and I just don't have much word to explain it...the explanation is too scientific for me. I guess am gonna visit my physiatrist soon, maybe monday next week. Right now I guess for my interim solution I am gonna take vitamin B-complex and vitamin E to support whatever is causing my nerves to react like this.

Another fascinating article I had today is about an amputee who take on the running competition with abled bodies Oscar Pistorius - he is a very amazing person, his dedication to training and being the best is really what made him champion- and I'll quote his motto "You're not disabled by the disabilities you have, you are able by the abilities you have."

Today, I seemed to find quotes from across the web that is really appealing to me- or I'd say applicable to what I do...another quote which I thought was already blogged but maybe I forgot because I was trying to get permission from the author Book, Booker, Bookest (originally quoted from the Artist Way) - word of caution the site is never related to running, but I got certain relationship from quote "The soles of my feet lead to the feats of my soul." -Yah, sounds like my blog. Honestly, it is what I feel when I run, or when I climb or when I'm out in a roadtrip....everytime my feet sets on the ground I can feel the luscious beauty of life- I feel great! I feel wonderful...and now as I check on my friendster account - I saw the reminder of about my friends upcoming birthday- wow! which remind me also that my birthday comes in 12 days....hmmmm there's no blues clues! hehehe I guess I've changed a lot and I think I have embrace life like it's a miracle everyday- there is no more fear of any rejection, failure or whatever negative that comes along with life...my heart is ready to ponder upon what I can do with whatever situation I am in.

So I'd like to give myself a good treat- besides I do not expect gifts for my birthday because of the economic downturn that is happening....obviously the economic recovery is slow- even the PSE- local stock market have not regained that much, although for several months I have already done some range trade- but I am still guessing and the market is still filled with uncertainties.

So here are my wishlist and I hope to buy this within a year hahaha - I really need to make sure my investments get returns or otherwise, I won't be getting any of these:
  • On fitness activities:
  1. Be able to go back doing yoga without losing weight. :-) hahaha I guess am really stubborn, I won't seek professional help. I call it my "closed system" syndrome- I am the type person who would study the "how to" and figure out how it works ....just like when I tried yoga before running, and it is yoga that help me lose weight.
  2. Finish a 10K in a race. I decided weeks back to register on the upcoming mizuno infinity run for a 10K category...it will happen the day after my birthday. =)
  3. A major climb for the year with major mountain.
  4. A multi day climb- could be a minor mountain but also major climb.
  5. Be able to do my training or practice run beyond 5K per session.
  6. Raise the bar of 20K mileage per week without interferring motherhood nyahahaha.
  • On material things that I love-these are my wants- I do need these things but not an immediate necessity so I guess I could keep my investment and once I reap the profits I can buy these items one at a time.
  1. Yoga blocks- I have the mat and the ball. But the blocks I postponed the expense when I tipped the scale of 115 lbs, I decided not to buy anymore hahaha. But this time I think I'll be needing it for advance poses to complement running.
  2. Stowable or packable cargo pants- Columbia or TNF hehehe. These apparel prove to be lightweight but also expensive. If I am in for a major climb (which I guess there is no schedule yet)....I think this will become a necessity =)
  3. A race shoe and practice run shoe. Explain! Explain! Right now I have barely 2 pair of running shoe, adding 2 more is not a luxury but being practical. My mizuno is already 6 months old and roughly mileage is already at 400K.
  4. Anti-blister socks- yep! I think I need one, lately I noticed my feet's a little sensitive.
  5. More dri-fit shirt- I wear a small size shirt but the the one's available in the market is a little shorter in length, I ended up showing some skin (Err stretch mark hehehe) when paired on a low waist pants. Sigh!
  6. A light-weight tent. Some options I have is the TNF & MSR Hubba Hubba -this one is really expensive.... and I'd say a luxury for my climb....I really have to earn much to buy this.
I realized my wish list sounds like new years resolution hahaha - actually I really try to reflect about my life every birthday not on the start of the year- because I consider it my personal "new" year =) - I wanted to improve myself...I wanted to age gracefully. Last on my list is financial stability...I wanted to establish business that is related to my passion- I already have one, but I look forward to have a single proprietorship business which I can hand down to my children...this is probably a lifetime wish hehehe.


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