Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Running Blog #38: Morning Rush Morning Runs

This morning we woke up 4 AM as part of our experiment =)

We are trying to simulate if we can really wake up early for future races hehehe

So this morning, we were the the solemates hehehe running at wee hour of the morning- we probably were the first to hit the pave of island cove it was 4:20 AM when we started our simple stretching....then we just run- we aimed to reach at least 5K before the sun is up- my husband needs to leave 5:30 AM for work.

We finished our workout around 5AM- we did 5.5K for 34 minutes.

The feeling is so refreshing- I felt so alive all day.
I have started to like running everyday....but my husband requested a rest day tomorrow.
So I decided I'll do my hills training in GBP.

1 comment:

  1. Hey congratulations on finally replicating the early morning bio clock needed so you won't miss any races :) And yes, I agree.... you will feel alive all day. Guaranteed.Specially when you get to see the sun rise. Hay. Makes the 4am wakeup call all worth it. :)