Monday, June 15, 2009

Missing Running so much =(

Today's stock market is very exciting.
The swings were great several stocks that I have been monitoring were uptrend- I felt like am in the bull market again.

I realized this is exactly how I felt when I am running- there is a volt of electricity in every inch of my nerve hmmm I really missed running- it has been five days since my last run. Actually, I cannot run because of a monthly period- had dysmenorrhea and I thought I am running out of blood. Sigh!

After the stock trading today, a quick lunch and sending the kids to preschool....I headed to my physiatrist.
Finally, I find time to get back to my doctor.

I told my doctor about how much I have been running since I completed my therapy for my knees.
Then I told her about the numbness in my feet after a long run which I fear may be realetd to tarsal tunnel syndrome. She checked on my feet and she told me am OK- including my knees. But she reminded me to continue my intake of glucosamine chondrotin.
However, the nodules in my back is still a worrisome- as it always recur. Stress is the usual rootcause of this nodules. I guess this somewhat affect my running- my shoulder becomes loose and after a few days the muscles becomes tight.
I will be again on therapy to prick out the nodules.

If I am lucky maybe I can go back to my early morning run tomorrow. I wish I could.

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