Monday, June 8, 2009

Running Blog #37: Missing Mizuno Infinity Run

Waaaah! Since yesterday I refused to open my PC because I know I can't stand it...I didn't make it again to another 10K race.
Today, I don't have a choice I need to check the local stock market and do the drills.
In between stock trading I can't help but taking a peek about what happened on the infinity run...yes of course- and the bull runner provided their teasers about the mizuno race on 01.10.10- isn't it great that the infinity race last sunday is aimed to time the runner's trial.
Take my case, if I registered again for next year race- and if I happen to show up- is it some good sign of improvement? hahahaha.

Anyways, last weekend was supposed to be my husband's first race for 5K and mine 10K. For some reasons we overslept- at the wee hours in the morning of June 7, Matti was crying terribly- in my effort to extend a little sleep so I can better run- I ended up waking at 6:15 AM. We don't know if it is a good idea to show up pa. Besides, if we finished 9AM - we will miss hitting our weekly market for the family. So my husband and I agreed to have our practice run at island cove for 5K, he did 2.5K and we did some baby sitting with our baby girl- TJ. not complaining about my responsibilities and how it affects my running schedule- actually the practice run in island cove is fun- baby girl decided to run with us - she recorded a mileage of 2K- run-walk-run pace....and she told me she wanted to become a runner hehehe.

My husband was so sorry to me...he also overslept. And he made a commitment to make running his core work out- he also like the idea that the whole family runs including the kids.

All day yesterday, I was trying to analyze- why I always missed races.
I guess one of the major reason is I am not used to waking early hahahaha
I am throwing away the "cold feet" notion on 10K- because I have also missed some 5K race.
I practically run after office hours- that made me an afternoon or evening runner.

My analysis of why I missed races was even extended this morning during my practice run hehehe
Hmmmm... I also realize I have difficulty running in the morning, maybe because I haven't eaten solid. During morning runs I usually have banana or 2 piece wheat crackers and water or gatorade.
In fact, island cove run route is all flat- but I was wondering why it is more difficult than GBP, maybe because it's a repetitive course- 1 lap is 1.25K so to complete a 5K it has to be 4-5 laps, I get bored at 7.5K and decided a halt.
The music doesn't give a new meaning, the scenery I am so used to it.
So the new regimen I tried is singing "Thank you for the music" while running hahaha.

If this is work- my piece of response from the results of my analysis would be "What is the corrective action?" hmmmm

To cap it off....problem defined would be "Difficulty waking up for race. Not a morning runner hehehe or hardly runs in the morning" Solution "Practice waking up early; run in the morning!" Simple.

Yesterday, I was trying to convince my husband that sleeping time will be 9 PM.
We wake up 4 AM and do 1 hour practice run in island cove- he agreed.
In my mind, I'll do once a week pratice run in GBP for my hill runs at JAE.
It sounds easy and hopefully will give us time to practice before the next race I'm eyeing.

But this morning- when I woke him up- he asked for a waive. Waaaah!
Sigh! I'll try again tomorrow.....

I hope I'll be successful in this solution. I am giving myself 2 weeks to iron it out.


  1. Hey there! It's okay to miss races because you overslept, it's happened to me as well :) I think the key would be to just get your body clock used to waking up in the morning. I used to be a nocturnal person myself, I had no choice because it's nearly impossible for me to run after work. Hey just keep at it and see you at the races!

  2. hi. i too have a 5 year old daughter. and i was surprised when she ran with me the other day for a full 1.2kms. it was slow, but it was non stop. i was so proud.


  3. Thanks Gingerbreadman -I really look forward to get back on the race. I'm missing it's ambience! See ya.

    Hi Mel- it's nice to hear kids running with their parents. Someday I hope to run with my kids on a race. =)
    Thanks for dropping by.