Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Running Blog #35: What kind of Runner I am...?

Since weekend the rain is just pouring's like as if tears have fallen over and over after it bid goodbye to the short summer love affair. Hahaha! I am sounding romantic again...I couldn't help it- it's the rain...and besides I didn't get to run today.

Well- many runners blame it to the rain- why practice run and the weeks mileage is low =) guilty! am one of them.

At 4:30 PM, 15 minutes before I clock out of my day job- heavy rains poured in GT.

I decided to board our shuttle bus and made up my mind instead of running and soaking my new running buddy with rain waters I'll rather have a massage....I can feel the nodules (or "lamig" as in our Filipino tongue) in my back.

Aboard the shuttlebus, I couldn't get myself to sleep....I am reflecting about my running.

My mind is still atuned with my merienda discussion with my colleague/friend and fellow runner Benet. The gal came to appreciate running and joining races. Her racing participation is at it's peak....she even raced more than I do.

My hobbies revolved around road trips, mountaineering and running (and lesser time in scrapbooking hehehe).

While onboard shuttlebus- I was figuring out what is the most important activity for me.....hmmmm am I more of an explorer (road trips), mountaineer or runner hahaha

Okay, I'll be honest- the race scheduled is usually put off- I know I am guilty of "No show (NS)" for these races -->KOTR 08, PMA race Dec 08, Power Run last Feb, Thrill of the Trail TNF, IE8 hahaha and I believe there is more on my list....and usually I can't show up when I registered to 10K- hence the 5KRUNNER was coyed.

So why showing up to this race becomes a reason I guess is the sudden roadtrip- my husband loves surprises....I couldn't spoil his excitement when we go out as family....even if it means giving up my race. Sometimes, a scheduled climb also interferes me joining races last 2008- it happens with DLSU run in the Fort (good thing I never get to register) then MILO.

My no show problem with races arises because of conflicts in schedule- maybe because I am also a many excuses! But the lest that nobody can take away from me is my passion to run during my training and practice run- yes, I diligently run through the course of Gateway Business Park and Island Cove- as long as there is opportunity....sometimes everyday....or no less than 10K mileage per week. Running is my core training program, it keeps me fit and made me do anything from the tiresome roadtrip to the adventures of the mountain. I know, my future in running is to get to the trail- I know I can handle this having a mountaineering experience....but for now, I'll be a road runner (errr...sounds like a fast runner eh! but am not one what I actually mean is that I run through pavement =))

Hmmm...this coming Sunday will be my first ever 10K race - Mizuno Infinity Run 2009- and I am having cold feet. But the good news is there is no turning back....there is no reason to hold this event to oblivion and become one of my list of NS race events.

To make sure that I'll be running on June 7- I have my husband registered for 5K, this will be his first ever race. Then I joined iamninoy - a run for a cause with an objective to help fight the education crisis in the country....these good reasons I guess will prevent my feet feeling numb and cold of the 10K category. Then I kept on reminding myself that this is going to be my birthday run ;-)

I guess in addition to my wish list. Specifically this week, I really wish the weather will be fine to allow me run for my needed training.

By the way, I was lucky that my blind masseu is there to prick through the nodules...tonight will be a great sleep! Maybe I can dream that I am afloat running hehehe

This is my shirt for iamninoy- thanks to Benet for picking this up for me.


  1. ey :D

    kaya mo yan! :) hehehe the rain will not stop us from running later sa BHS (unless bagyo-ish na ang dating) hehehe pero fun yan :) sarap parang free shower! hehehe

    hope to see you sa mizuno :) we'll be there, madaling makita ang mga taga, just look for the ever-famous black singlet AND maingay kami for sure. puro picture taking hahaha

    see ya!


  2. Hey there fellow iamninoy runner, good luck on your first ever 10k! I wish you all the best! Just go for it.... you only live once :) That's my attitude that's why I constantly get into these insane running gigs :) See you on sunday!


  3. Registered for my first 15K race at the Mizuno Run this coming Sunday.

    I've been running on the treadmill this week because of these rains. I don't enjoy it as much as the roads.

    Wanting to try running in the rain. Needed: someone also crazy enough to run in the rain. Para di lang ako ang mukhang baliw na tatakbo sa ulan sa loob ng Gateway.

  4. Halu guys....just got your comments today!
    Waaaaah! I didn't make it sa mizuno waaaah! ulit....

  5. June 6 din b-day mo? Sayang you missed the Mizuno Run. It was also my birthday run. I ran 10k, after a 5-month lull in trainig.

    Nora, the golden girl