Monday, May 4, 2009

Running Blog #29: Time off at

It was my day off, we were required to take at least 16 days off for the quarter and I was assigned to take off during Mondays.

I guess it is totally productive if I will have a training on these days.

So, this morning I did my 5K practice run at the Island Cove Resort.

My original plan is to do distance running maybe a 10K PR but then I woke up late so I have no choice but to beat at least 5K. And OMG I forgot again my heart rate monitor. Hmmm....lately I have been forgetful about a lotta things.....signs of aging bwahahahaha! Sometimes it even costs me some bucks - weeee! Sigh! I guess I really needed checklists.

There were a lot of revelations during my practice run.

With the aid of my garmin, I found out that 3 laps in the entire perimeter of Island cove is already 5K. So this is the reason why during my first few months of training I always felt tired running along the island cove compared to GBP (Well, on my earlier days in running along GBP- practice run is only 3.65K vs Island cove 4 laps).

Photo from my Garmin Connect

I also realized that in the past I already did roughly 10K because the highest lap I had in Island cove is 7 laps- actually targetting 8 laps to complete a 10K PR because in the past I thought 1 lap = 1.25K.

Now, I am vindicated- I know I can do 10K but haven't tried it on a fun run.
Therefore the last record that I know of my 10K is 1:14:58- this is something I need to beat during personal records on any race that I have to join for the 10K category.
Another thought that I am considering is taking a swimming lesson.

I wanted to know how well is the strength of my core? This is something that always bothers me because I have scoliosis.

Taking a swimming lesson and regularly practicsing swimming skills will probably help me endure long distance running and would probably be a good idea as cross training to support my full marathon plan this year.
Hmmmm today's training run is filled with a lot of thoughts....including those of my household chores.
Running is indeed a great way to start a day.

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