Monday, May 25, 2009

Running Blog #34: Practice Run- running efficiently

I woke up early today.

My mind is focused on setting practice run that is economical in terms of energy use sound so science.

I have been thinking about it since Subic outing/roadtrip -the idea was feed by my husband's officemate who's been running for 15 years.

He even told me about fat percentage and ideal running weight- hmmm.

I am just an individual runner- trying to get good results out of running, of course I realize I need to size up the distance that I can handle- I guess it's the right time that this 5K Runner determine how long she can sustain. And of course there is another measure-pace and speed.

So I last night checked the google about the ideal running weight. And most of the result talks about BMI & IBW.

I started with IBW- so far my I weight is 120 lbs - according to the rule of thumb my IBW is 125 lbs, so I guess I could work on speed..... but I guess am slowing down so maybe the body fat percentage is the culprit. I learned from google that you can measure your body fat percentage by just using a tape measure and there is a lot of site dedicated in providing you the calculator. Unfortunately last night I can't find my tape measure...well, I found an alternative from my husband's tool box- yah! I used a flexible meter hehehe (the one used by the carpenters hahaha). My reading from different sources ranges from 21 to 25%. Well of course, my husband who's been laughing at my silly task didn't escape the measurements and to my dismay! he only have a 10.39% body fat! Ugh! and though he is good in some sports he does not do regular exercise like what I do....ugh! unfair! unfair! and he was all smile with the reading- he quips "Fat free eh!" Gosh! I wish I have that genes. Actually I've seen it through the years- since we got married my husband hardly gain weight.

According to Anne Collins, a site I found in google athlete women have about 14-20% body fat percentage and men 6-13% (Uhhhh! My husband is in this range? Can't believe it).

My target this morning was to run for one hour and find out a relaxed pace and total distance, I believe the idea of about the econimical energy and efficiency gets in here.

Which I did. In fact, I patiently reminded myself that I have to find a good relaxed pace so I can survive a 10K and even half marathon race- yes, I am dreaming of having a half marathon this year....I wish to do it with MILO.

So when hubby drop me by the Island Cove resort around 6:10 AM- some of the joggers were going home already, I guess am the only one coming late hehehe.

I feel good running today-knowing that I have something to accomplish, know the pace that I am comfortable. So started with a 500 m walk, then I stop by one of the benches facing animalandia and did a 30 rep bench dip, quad and hamstring stretch then another few steps and was off running. According to garmin my total training time is 1:00:05 at a distance of 7.76 Km and average pace of 7:44 -not bad. My best pace is 3:15 min/km when I did a sprint for my perfect ending =) -my maximum heart rate went 180 bpm and was on the average of 152 bpm.

I feel good after the run went home then had a hearty breakfast... but I noticed my right foot was a little numb and there I felt like some pin is poking on my right foot. I try to ignore it because I was in a hurry I wanted squeeze in my schedule to have the kids enrolled (the school is within the village), go to the market for some food supplies and of course the stock market opens at 9 AM. Yes, I was trying to speed everything post run.

I was able to get home around 10 AM- and the stock market is already open. The trading is not on my side- so the market closed without much transactions. I took my lunch at 12:30 and I noticed again my right foot was feeling a little numb. Hmmm! Did I do something wrong during the sprint? I can't remember. I was trying to google the explanation- then I realized, it would probably be good to seek some opinion of fellow pinoy runners- so I posted my concern on the forum. Hopefully, I get some answers. Honestly, I am anxious about this feeling because I already had my knee injury (not related to running)- so I am a little cautious this time. The worst that I could think of if this feeling on my right foot develops into full blown cramps- I eat plenty of banana during lunch (never mind the risk of constipation) but as of this writing the feeling is still there.

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