Sunday, May 24, 2009

Photo Blog #11: Subic Road Trip

I always look forward for a road trip. Maybe it's something to do with the mole on my sole hehehe :-) My mother would always call me "lakwatsera" because I love going out when I was a kid.And mind you I can always navigate my way home even if in some of my adventures I get lost along the way.

Yesterday was a fun filled road trip with my husband and kids. We went to All Hands resort in Subic. It was actually an outing organized by my husband's office mate- I decided to join them since my TC work in Anawangin was cancelled...and this will give our kids chance to the last sunny summer escapade before going back to school.
I just love beach bumming- I instantly fell in love with the place- of course it is commercialize (it's nothing near the Anawangin or Silanguin cove or Atulayan island - my favorites) besides it's within the SBMA, it got what you needed- ample of showers, nipa hut cottages- I also noticed that there were some villas or room cottages (which I didn't got a chance to explore), and there is two conference hall- which at the time of our visit was occupied by metrobank outing.
Well of course it's peak season- there's a lot of customers and videoke is aired almost every corner of the resort. Personally, the sound is tolerable-besides it's a commercial resort, you cannot expect serene moments.

We arrived at about 9AM, we pitch our tent- I was thinking there were a lot of them since it is their outing.
Then I started cooking our rice- the mountaineers way hehehe and I also prepare our food while the kids started playing and swimming with their nanny.

My husband's officemate arrived at about 9:30 AM- there were 11 of them and the food is overflowing. I regretted that I have to bring food and cook on this ocassion. But since I have no choice, I continued cooking the food might spoiled if it will remain packed.
By lunch time, my children were all sun-burned. They have been enjoying so much that they don't even want to leave the water for a quick lunch.
So I was nudging my husband that we go overnight, we can extend the rent of one of the nipa hut - my mind is thinking about sunset and sunrise photo ops and night swimming too.
After our lunch the kids can't get enough of their swimming they just went back. I am on the otherhand was having a mild headache maybe because of the intense heat and the glare.
For a simple past time, I had a chit chat with my husband officemate- who's been into running for close to 15 years now. I learned a lot from this guy- about shoes, running form and cross training. He was telling me he's cross training now with swimming. The guy humbled me with his experiences with his personal best time of 18 minutes for a 5K runner my personal best is 26 minutes and sadly it's not on a race, it happened in one of my practice run. We ended up our conversation with encouraging words from him that my husband is in best shape for running- yah ryt! He is indeed a lucky man, he is lean without so much effort.
I decided to go back swimming to ease my headache. I noticed my son loved the water so much with the aid of his floater, he can swim as deep as 5 feet- hardly get off the water and hardly need an assistance. Then we my husband's officemate started playing frisbee in the waters- my son asked that we take a rest and go home.
My husband and I exchanged look as the act was quite unsual.
So we went off, besides my husband's officemates will stay until 3 PM only- I was thinking we'll leave around 6 PM or stay overnight.
We had barbecue and some grilled fish for our meriend- my son and I just keep on munching while my daughter started to take a bath.
After we saw TJ off the shower, I asked my son we go for a rinse -My son hated the turbulence of the water from the shower- I thought he was just hesitant.
Then I pulled his board short- he just shouted in pain and I was shocked to see some blood. I realized some portion of his birdie skin was trapped into the net undergarment - honestly I do not know how managed it....I panicked and shouted for my husband. Probably when he ask that we go off the water is when probably he was already hurting.
It was a total mishap our supposed extension to overnight swim was cancelled- we have to rush my son to the nearest hospital for ER treatment. Sigh!
His uncontrollable cries and probably the nonstop swim tire him off- that he dozed off to sleep. Some foreign fiber is still on his birdie -my husband couldn't just remove it- we put some ointment and there we packed immediately and went to Olangapo City for treatment-good thing AFABLE medical center was 15-20 mins away from SBMA....while we were on our way to the hospital I felt so guilty, it was when I pulled off his board short that caused birdie's laceration. Sigh! I was even thinking that he'll probably needs to be circumcised because of this incident.
Alas! When we arrived at the ER- the fabric was already off the birdie. The doctor check the extent of the laceration, it was just fine- he was given a topical antibiotic.
On our way to manila- it seems nothing happened....Wow! I was asking my son if he'd like to go back to the beach- he said no this time.
Sometimes- roadtrips don't have perfect ending, any mishap is an opportunity to learn a lesson and I learned mine- next time my son's gonna wear a swimming trunks :-)

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