Thursday, May 21, 2009

No Run Today!

My ADI pals and I were planning to do distance practice run after office....we were on our way to the SRC and excited about it. It was our first run together.....but then suddenly the rain pour. Our direction suddenly change to running to our designated shuttle looks funny quips one of my shuttlemate because we were like walking slowly checking the sky then the rain pour and we were dispersed like water came from a fire hydrant nyahahahaha....
Bottomline, my training plan was ruined. There will be no practice run for the weekend because we are planning on a climb (Errrr....this is still something not sure)- it is a nice idea considering we have no work schedule from Monday to Tuesday- great isn't it, in my mind I want to squeeze all the things that I love doing - a roadtrip and beach bumming on Saturaday, a climb on Sunday and runs on Monday and Tuesday hahaha....yah- given a four day holiday must be a great siesta.

So when I arrived home today, I decided to just do some stretching with my exercise band instead of watching TV. I am a little pissed off by the nonstop news about the Katrina-Hayden sex video. It's the talk of the town, when in fact the act shouldn't be talked about. Sigh!

What is the better way to de-stress but to stretch....breathe- inhale (fill the air) exhale - expand your lungs, the 30 minutes stretch and some yoga pose (warrior pose said to be favorable to runners). It felt disappointment of not being able to run was all gone.

I was suddenly reminded about an article about asana solutions- yoga therapy for the arches, which I think is really useful for the runners. I haven't cracked the pose suggested in the magazine Yoga+ and unfortunately the article is not available in their site =( maybe because the magazine that I have is a back issue.

Anyways, maybe I should give yoga another try ...specially the rainy season is here....

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