Monday, May 11, 2009

Running Blog #30: My 30th blog about running's been awhile since I published my previous blog.
I realized that my blog title is not anymore welcome to my new blogsite. myfeetfeats (My Feet Feats) !
I guess this is more approrpriate considering this blog is all about the feat of my feet nyhahaha tongue twister.

All right....while running today at the island cove- I was much I have drawn strength from my feet….can’t help it- the blog title is also in my mind.

  • I realized that as a child- I would often run as much as I could- until I bump into something and get myself bumps hehehe....yah I would go home with "Bukol" because I just kept running without looking ahead....and I can see this trait on my son.
    Then when I was in a karate club - I feel better when doing taekwondo than any other discipline (like judo).
    But what I enjoyed most is the girlscouting- yes, this is the earlier influence in my life that took me to mountaineering.

    Actually, mountaineering is my way to rekindle the happiest moments of my childhood- trekking to the woods of Mt Isarog!
All these memories were playing at the back of mind like movie clip- it kept me going for the rest of my 7.5K run.

Then abruptly, I remember yesterday my whole day was a bit of chunks of activities…not only because it’s mother’s day but because there were just a lot to do.

  • I started yesterday with a race….BOTAK: Paa-Tibayan 2009. My lousiest race so far. I forgot my ankle sleeve, my shuffle and garmin was drained.
    Nevertheless, garmin still recorded my run and I finished at 31:31….just fine.

    I know one of my friend is in the race but we didn’t see each other.

    I also noticed that the 5K isn’t packed like my other races.

    I was also surprised that there is no water station for the 5K runners….hmmm it’s ok with me-but I was thinking about the first time runners….and there were kids too…(some of them amazingly run past me).
    Maybe next time I’ll bring my hydration belt.

    I am now anxious to see the official result- I remember I clicked the stopped button of my garmin when I was already at the water station....I was so thirst.

Yesterday, we cap-off the day with the kids attending a party. And hubby presenting me a surprise mother's day cake. Sweeeet!

These thoughts are better than shuffle (still drained) to sustain a 7.5K run that has to loop over and over.

Screen shot from my Garmin- the 5K route recorded a 4.83 km- pretty accurate.

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