Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Running Blog #33: Recovery Run

Today I did my recovery run to compensate my long run yesterday.
I did 6K after office- it was a fun run, mixed chit chat with a fellow mountaineer.
We run slow to complete the 4K and run fast the last 2K- I guess now my body understand what the negative splits mean.

I was checking on my blog's reading list and found The Bull Runner's update regarding the apology of BOTAK on their shortcomings of the 42K marathon sponsored last May 10, 2009. Click this for the full details.

I felt better that finally the organizer come out and admitted the shortcomings...they did not provide details of what were the shortcomings (Errrr....runners from everywhere got the details already) and did not divulge the information as to how they will provide necessary corrective actions (nyahahaha sounds like work!) - but nevertheless I am giving them the second chance- everyone deserves it. Just like any runner's performance - we have certain performance range, sometimes we lost by the second....but there is always another race or practice run to get better.

I wish BOTAK will continue to improve and listen to the voice of the running community.
I do have recovery run and I believe BOTAK can redeem itself by having a recovery race- maybe am not gonna witness it sooner- but there is always a chance to take part of it.

New Route with the S40

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