Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Photo Blog #9: San Pablo 7 Lakes

The seven lakes of San Pablo is a photographer's delight (quote from my friend Angie).
The 7 Lakes consists of the following:
  1. Sampaloc - Named after the giant Sampaloc tree of a greedy old woman who refuses to help a fairy disguised as old man.
  2. Bunot - The name was rooted from a miscommunication between the spanish soldier and the man husking a coconut. The man thought the soldier is asking about the native name of the coconut husk "Bunot" while the soldier thought it was the name of the lake.
  3. Calibato- From the word "Calle" street and "Bato" rock. This Calle Bato was made by the residents of the town that made the furios fairy sunk the area into a lake.
  4. Pandin & Yambo is a twin lake- named after the young lovers Pandin and Yambo.
  5. Yambo- Named after the young suitor of Pandin
  6. Palakpakin - the name came from a big tree named "Palakpak" and "Palakpakin" in Filipino language the act of clapping hands - for the lake brought a good livelihood to the locale for having an abundant supply of shrimp they call "Palakpakin shrimp".
  7. Muhikap -Named after the industrious girl Munica and the filipino word "Mahikap" means industrious - Munica is an industrious girl. Who was never allowed to set foot on earth ground....her setting foot to the land took the whole town to sunk that is now the Muhikap lake.

All information about the fable of the lakes were taken from San Pablo City International -pls click for the details of the story.
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From the viewdeck of Sampaloc Lake.
Bicycle ride for rent to take the view of Sampaloc lake from different angles.

Balsa in Sampaloc Lake

The beautiful Lotus flower at Bunot Lake
View of Bunot Lake from Kubo
Fishermen of Calibato Lake

Lake Pandin

Attempting a macro shot at Yambo Lake

Shot in Yambo Lake
Photos in Palakpakin Lake
My favorite shots:
Ripple effect in Muhicap Lake
Attempting another macro image
The splendor of Muhikap Lake
Portrait shot at Muhikap Lake

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