Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Running Blog #32: The 5K runner does a 10K practice run.

Yesterday, after five long days of rest…I decided to take a longer run.
I decided to take another 10K practice run- just to check if my performance is repeatable.

The practice run was tolerable- the first fifteen minutes was a little uneasy….maybe because I was running alone.

  • My thoughts have been drifting elsewhere. The sight of the sunset reminds of my friend Kathy who is now in Singapore- then I remember one S40 leaving the country. Well, there were new ones….a lot from ADI is taking interest in running- I saw an email circulating about the earth run. Sadly, am not joining their group because I have already registered to IE8. Nevertheless, both funrun is for a good cause. I saw from the email that most were from groups of product and test engineering ….I suddenly missed the funrun with my ADTREK family- the last event we joined is the Happy Run.

The practice run was pain free. I guess, yesterday- everything is perfect. The weather , the stretch- I think I had a good warm up exercise (leg press, leg curl, few lifts), hamstring & quad stretch. My hydration is 150 ml Gatorade and 150 ml H2O.

My first sip is after the 5K mileage then succeeding sip is as needed- I didn’t stop while drinking water I just slowed down (it is possible!)….my goal is to really run all throughout the course- and I did it at rate of 1:13:34 against my previous record of 1:14:58, an improvement of 1:24 – this is a little improvement but the impact was better than my previous attempt where I did a run-walk-fast walk intervals. I think I am on my way to maintain my pace and have an injury-free practice runs.

I guess I’ll try another 10K on Thursday, my next goal is to be comfortable doing practice run on this distance…..but as early as now, I can see the problem of sustainability. Specially that the school year is fast approaching for my pre-schooler. =) Maybe, I’ll take on S40’s advise regarding 10K on races. But honestly, I love the rush of 5K fun run....and feels good to be on the league of average runners.


  1. So, ikaw pala yung nakasalubong ko last Tuesday around 6:30pm. I was the one in the red Botak singlet also running solo. Did a 7K that time. Tuesdays are my easy runs. Thursdays are for speed or tempo. Eagle ridge for Sunday long runs. Greet you next time.

  2. Hi Paul,
    Ya I remember you- I noticed that Botak singlet. Are you from ADI.
    Thanks for dropping by my site.