Friday, July 3, 2009

Running 10K for the 33rd MILO Marathon

I took my day off today.
I have to see my therapist to verify improvements on my shoulder.
My shoulder is just packed with nodules and taut band hahahaha- as if I am living a super sedentary life.
Could this be stress- my question then.
But I realized it was my posture.
And maybe weight lifting- for the past year, I have been dying to have a define deltoids and increase the size of my arms hehehe.
So perhaps these craziness ended up my frozen shoulder.

As I write this entry, I can feel a pit in my stomach.
Yah! I'll be out on Sunday for the biggest surprise of my life.
I know I wanted this- I have been wanting to join a Milo Marathon 5 or 10K event two years back and now- I have registered....but not prepared.

The MILO marathon is a classic event to the running community- it is now on its 33rd year- a year older than me hehehe.
I have been reading the race rules and I realized that the 10K category have a curfew of 1.5 hours. Sigh!

The last time I ran 10K- I was in good shape I clocked 1:13:59, it was a practice run in GBP how am gonna clock this coming Sunday?

This week I decided that I will just run on Sunday and will take a good rest to recover the pains in my quad after my Maculot climb.
Hopefully, my enthusiasm would spark my drive to complete my 10k in less than 1.5 hrs...and by the way, this will be my very first 10K race- it has been more than a year that I have been planning to race in this category, but I always failed to show up.

A decent time in my first 10K race would be an excellent reward for the week.

Click here to visit the milo marathon website.

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  1. Wish you the best this Sunday. Kaya mo yan! as the milo slogan says.

  2. Hey good luck on Sunday to you :) If you ran that time in training, surely you will go faster come actual race day. The adrenalin will help you out considerably. Have fun with it and God Bless.