Monday, December 1, 2008

1st day of December

Hmmmm the morning breeze of December 1, 2008.

I didn't know what time I slept last night, I'm not drunk of alcohol....I was drunk of a lotta work.
I wasn't able to do my practice run today because I woke up late....gosh it was 7:30 AM.
I know I heard the alarm at 5 AM and have been nudging hubby for the island cove PR, but he didn't even I guess I envied his deep slumber that I fell asleep again.
The kids are "chocolit" hehehe (another wordplay)- they've been bothering their dad and asking for a MOA trip....nyahahaha they weren't successful yesterday. But you know kids they wouldn't give up. And they know just how to get what they want. Yesterday, hubby proves to be smarter...the kids slept all afternoon and the trip to MOA was a forgotten that explain why I had two blog entries yesterday.
Today, I decided to have this blog entry maybe because I can't make up my mind of what to do with the ruined plan to run today.
I have been reviewing my program for Dec 14 PMA FUN RUN-Yes we wiill be running with the Philippine Military Academy, Roel from GT had us registered last Friday. The fun run will be held in AFP GHQ, Camp Aguinaldo Grandstand. I don't know if we stand a chance with these guys.....but I'd like to take my run to them and see where I am. Many running enthusiast from ADGT will participate on this event....and I am excited about it.

Below table (actually a converted picture) is my training plan for Dec 14 race.
Boy! why is blogger not alowing to post table from excel or word.....I had difficulty adjusting the image crunch to make it more readable (well some kinda' limitation).
For my WW1 mileage I was short of 4.5K....I wasn't running much on my long run training day (Wed).
I am still on track with my WW2 training plan but today I haven't done a cross training or gym-so we call this a rest day. Though, I am considering to do some simple yoga pause (Anyway, still early I'll see how I can manage to get myself at least a solitude of an hour. Hey! am not blogging in solitude....its usually in between "chocoliting" with kids or some other more).
So on Wednesday I really have to do 10K run at GBP with slower pace of 7:36 to prevent any injury.
My problem is how am I gonna run this Friday-8K? I never run on Fridays....I guess the option will be to run on Saturday hmmmm (I'm keeping my fingers cross i hope hubby will accompany me, wooo....need some bribing :-)).
Saturday should have 7-8 laps in island cove. And on sunday 3-4 laps.....promise promise I'll keep it in my head.
....I heard hubby gave in to the kids requests. :-) MOA or something.... so that's a signal that its ciao for now.

Multi-tasking is one of my thing or talent you call it.
Just a trivia, TJ & I were working on her assignment while am bloggin' hehehe.
There is also "chocoliting" on the side :-)

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