Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Running blog #9: Low....low....low

My running activity is really low.

This must have affected my not being able to run during the PMA Fun Run last Sunday.

Yes, after 3 weeks of ardous training- I didn't run last Sunday.

Hmmm....yah it really reminds me of KOTR (Adidas King of the Road).

At least during KOTR, I have valid reason I was puking prior the run.....

But last Sunday....well I just didn't woke up on time :-(

I haven't run for 5 days now.

And I'm feelin a little low...low....low....

But I can't just run, kids are having their 3rd quarter exam, it's my turn to lead and facilitate the review. Maybe, I'll try to run again by Thursday.
But I know I won't give up running.....I'll keep on.

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