Thursday, December 4, 2008

Running blog #7: 120308 Practice Run

Yesterday was my first run for the month of December.
The weather is just right.
I leave my cube at 5:03PM, I was at the SRC- gym by 5:09 PM.
I was a little tied up by the drama of MRP events that took place in our company.

I was in the changing room when Carmel arrived.She is one of GT's running enthusiast.
We agreed to run together....this is the first time am running with her.
I had a few good stretch and afterwards we were off the road.
We agreed on a steady slow pace we run the infamous route of JAE-Telford-JAE (see google illustration in my previous blog). Carmel is such a good company, she is very sporty, and likes to talk as well while jogging. I think she's been regularly running for maybe 3 months. Her stamina amazes me....she can carry a conversation very well. And she's running with water.
We had a good talk about our common friends, guys with really flat tummy we envied nyahahaha, etc etc....its a quick talk about work and life. I feel really comfortable with Carmel even if we rarely have sometime alone together. In my mind I was thinking like am gonna ask her to run with me again sometime. Or maybe next year we could arrange to become a regular running buddy. I happened to remember her plans to go to Bora this christmas vacation so I brought it up...I can sense even on vacation she'll take with her running. Suddenly as we were approaching WDC she told me that she's staying in the company until Dec 19....Huwat! It came to me in a big surprise! I was still contemplating about the MRP that happened these past few days and I really felt a little different with the idea that certain people are leaving the company...and here I am talking to someone whose resigning and am not gonna see regularly after the season.

Well, Dec 19 will be our last day of operation and will be back next year by Jan 5. I can imagine what its like when were back....some empty cubes, usual faces that you regularly see won't be around....organizational change is very definite. Some people will be transferred to another. I am definitely not affected by this scope of work will be the same. But the people am gonna talk to will probably be different.

Some of those on MRP were really really happy- the package that the company provide is indeed rewarding. However, some other people whose comfort zone have been the company find it difficult to leave....its a mixed of emotion really....I have seen it. And this is all because of the world economic one is job is stable....this is all in my mind as we reach our starting point to complete the 5.3K, we were at a pace of 8:00 min per km. After some few steps I bid Carmel "see ya later" I guess she'll do 5K only. I need to run a little more mileage and build some speed.....the MRP is at the back of my mind. As I passed the SRC I saw guys from engineering in their basketball game. I headed to GT GT front facade, left turn to WDC it was a little uphill down hill on the corner I right turn to Telford and the Enomoto, Maxim back again to GT - I guess I must have completed an 8 K practice run....sure it was not enough....not much time....its too dark.....the future is dark....I don't know but I have to trust God -we will all rise from this economic is a cycle...

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