Sunday, November 30, 2008

Running blog #6: The infamous JAE-Telford -JAE route among GT Runners

Photo above is the aerial view and illustration of my practice run (PR).
Images courtesy of google earth.

Some of the text aren't that clear....let me retype it here:

- The star is my starting point- fave spot.
- The red line is the first traces of my track/route.
- The yellow lines is the retrace back to JAE (I used yellow line for the purpose of clarity because I merged back to the previous path after my 1st 3 Km).
- The red & yellow line combined totals 5K.
- The blue-green break line totals 2.8 Km, additional runs when I needed mileage.
- Sometimes my PR is 5K + 2 laps of the blue green arrow to complete a 10K+ PR.

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