Sunday, December 7, 2008

Running blog #8: Saturday Practice Run and etc

Saturday Practice Run

Even if hubby had party Friday night....and comes home really early morn Sat (Honestly, I never noticed it huh! must have dozed terribly.) I still got my practice run....though a little late with my usual PR start time.

Gee, I woke up late around 6:30 AM...had my practice run before 7 AM at the island cove and did a 5K, but never got to time it. I guess its acceptable....considering it's just my tempo run. Nevertheless, I run slow and fast in an alternating lap.

After the PR we took the kids to the pulmo pedia. TJ & Matti's cough is irritating me and makes me feel anxious. It really makes me nervous when the kids are having colds and cough....anything related to lungs or respiratory illness is something that scares me....for the reason that these children were born short of 6 weeks from fullterm, they were delivered by CS, they had steriod while in my womb (to provide surfactant to make their lungs more mature and save us from the high costs of incubator in NICU). These known facts makes me all queasy whenever they are having this common colds and cough. I just can't relax.

So my hunch is correct the kids are asthmatic...their lungs really sensitive to the change in weather. They were given medication (Seretide and montemax) and will be observed for one month. Their condition is something that I realize might spoil whatever plan we have this holiday. :-(

...and ETC...

Today the kids went to a children's the 1st bday party of Kat2, daughter of one of hubby's friend Andy.

It was nice seeing his friends and colleagues again. It was an opportunity to keep up with lost communication and short "Howdy" to everyone.

The kids go gaga at the sight of jollibee and hetty.

But then just like any other party at the end, one of them were crying because they didn't get the prized toy during the games.

Matti gets excited in the coloring activity

TJ beams with happiness- dances with mouth filled with jollibee food. :-)

My concept of contrast- TJ & Manny, Young & Adult, Girl & Boy, Happy & Grumpy :-)

After the party we went to MMC to get Matti's lab result....he was fine with the KOH (this is a test on the white spot that hubby is picking on for the past months).....the test says it's just a white spot and not some kind of fungal skin disorder......Whew!

Again the kids won't settle in just going home straight from MMC....They wanted to have a little stroll in MOA. These kids are just so into MOA. I guess they love the ambiance and there's just a lot of people

Striked a pose at MOA's giant christmas tree by the bay

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