Friday, December 5, 2008


Photo by Maam Angie Olivar- during our Mt Maculot traverse- I just thought that this pic depicts my blog today. :-)

Thought #1:
The MRP is still a great buzz around the company...though I am dealing with now two customer issues....which busy me every moment.....a sudden consciousness of my environment still make me feel a little different about the idea that we are losing colleagues....Whoooo life.
Thought #2:
Yesterday, I went to gym for my Xtraining (see previous blog regarding my training plans).
I did some weight lifting targetting the chest, triceps & shoulder. I spent an hour and a half to complete my routine.
I don't have much connection with the people in that gym. I actually don't know their names except for the trainer and the gym owner (whos always around). I felt like am a ghost...besides nobody notices me- I am so focused in getting my muscle out (hehehe outa where it hides from the underneath the fat :-)

I have been going to this gym for about a month now. I spent an hour and a half every Tue & Thurs and I guess I started gaining some mass (I started at 115 lbs, last Mon I weigh 121 lbs)

Sometimes I wonder if my lack of chat with the people there(which isn't my type) can be interpreted as being snobbed. I guess, I am just after my objective, the weights are kinda challenging ( I keep my focus there) and I don't have much time to socialize- I need to get home early for the kids. Curt smile and few lines that's all I can offer. I just hope they don't find me so aloof.....Yah, this isn't so me....I realize in some situation my split personality comes out. Some people who really knew me would think I'm cloaked.

Thought #3:

Hmmmm....too much load of that schizophrenic idea....
Heck, there is an adventure this coming January- thrill of the trail a trail run sponsored by TNF. It's a 20K Trail Run. How close am I to do this adventure???

Well, probably the answer will come out if I am able to run a 20K mileage in one practice run.

Wow...Should I ever consider revising my training plan? And would it be possible to include trail as additional PR activity?

Thought #4:

"What will you do if someone admitted to you that He/She has a crush on you?" This text message from a friend struck with an "Aha!" Hey I'm outtta puberty age....hey am not a college doll anymore....where have you been....time warp?!? Why ask this question.... Hehehe Did it ever occurred to me? Huwat! I got some short hair huh!

What struck me most is the follow up text message...."What to do when spouse read the message?" Huh? I just don't know the correct answer...maybe just tell the truth.

I find it really really funny....reminds me of hmmmm those were the days. as usual I thought the right response to the text message is "My friend are you in some midlife crisis...." nyahahaha I thought we all are in economic crisis :-)But the thing is it never fails to flatter you when someone finds you attractive. So hey it's just a crush....nothing else.

Thought #5:

I am sleepy...Is hubby still partying out there spending too much thoughts in my blog.

What about my PR tomorrow???..Wahhhhhhhhhhh....I need mileage!

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