Saturday, July 11, 2009

Running Blog #43: the rain

Last thursday I was desperate to complete at least 7K practice my mind- I am gonna complete a 300K mileage if I'll be able to do at least 7K.

So even if I can see nimbu clouds after office I decided to go to GT SRC for a much needed mileage.

I did simple stretching the V stretch on a corner wall- learned from my PT session (during my semi frozen shoulder therapy). I realized that I wanted to do at least one hour of workout- so off the gym I headed to my imaginary starting line infront of the BDO facade in front of Wilkins factory.

The breeze is great...I have no hydration belt because I intend to do an easy 7K run.

After 1.5K deng! here comes the rain......I thought I saw the japanese guy running behind me he was fast enough to run ahead of me my pacing is about 7:05 min/km. It's okay...I have already tamed myself....when I was new to running I would tend to run after whoever run past me in GBP hehehe (that's for fun and challenge...of course they usually didn't know that I was huffing and puffingly running after them) . But now I realized I needed to train my body - whoever is running out there is non of my business and running after them is not anymore in my gameplan during training. My game plan is to execute my training plan.

So it was raining I was thinking I could turn right the next corner right after the metrolab and go back to SRC or continue running.
I saw the japanese guy have no intention to turn right at the I am not the only one running in the rain. Nice! I decided I can continue with the drizzles was a little difficult because the water drips into my eyes though I can manage to wipe it off. So I continue running in the rain until I didn't see the guy as I approached the next corner near EPSON hehehe- I have no choice am running alone in the rain......until I reached Telford and well I was drenched.
And of course the security guard of each factory that I passed gives me a look shaking their head-now I am branded addict hehehe.
So this is the first time I ran in the rain of GBP...I am not sure if there will be next time...unless another soul is willing to take the plunge running with me in the rain =)

Getting home is another story....but I can't wait to log in my my dismay! I am still short of 10K to grab my first 300K for the year....waaaaah!


  1. Hi. Runner from Numonyx here. We run regularly inside GBP every Tuesdays and Thursdays PM between 5-7. Pag sinisipag pati Monday and Wednesday kahit ako mag-isa. Baka interested kayo mag-form ng Gateway runners group. Invite din natin yung ibang kapitbahay. Para magkakilala na ang mga adik sa loob ng GBP.

  2. Hi Paul,
    Thanks for dropping by.
    I thought you were also from ADI.
    Anyways, my colleagues are forming a running group- you may want to communicate with them- here is the link to this site

    See you during practice run