Saturday, July 4, 2009

Running Blog #40: Running with the kids

0530H- we were still sound asleep when Daddy for a run.
I bet he wanted a practice run for tomorrow's MILO marathon.
Tomorrow will be his first race - he is running for 5K category while I will run for 10K.
I do not expect a practice run today....yesterday, I made up my mind that my run this week will be the 10K race tomorrow.

Hmmmm....but the man is so persistent.
So the kids and I though sleepy obliged to his summon.

We were on our car when the rain starts to drizzle....I was asking him "Now what?" with a yawn....actually I am preparing to go back to sleep.
But it seems that his persistence will not go wane by the rain...."It's gonna stop by the time were in island cove." came his reply.

As we arrive in island cove- it seems the rain gets a little intensity.
I asked permission from the kids if we could run- they agree and retorted that we be back early. With a little stretch and some more sleep in my mind- we started running- 1 lap in the joggers lane of island cove is approximately soon as we finished the first lap, the drizzles stopped and the kids were delighted to run with us. My little girl and boy went crazy as they try to catch each other hehehe.

After 2 laps- we decided the kids should take a rest...they visited the fisherman's wharf while I continue my run...I totaled 6K- not bad.

This is the simple pleasure in life that I always look forward. to...I know time swiftly flies- the kids will soon join us on a race.....I am imagining will be my sweetest victory if all of us get to run in one event- maybe 36th MILO? =)

Today's run reminded me of our picture taken more than a year ago - I was still new in running then....but in my mind I wanted my kids to run with me. So I decided to tag them along. =)

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