Saturday, July 25, 2009

Low runs.....just thinking about running.

For this week...the only running mileage I recorded is the 5K run last Wed?
I can't manage to squeezed running in my schedule.
There is just a lot of things to do.....and TJ's high fever recur over Friday..another episode of 40 deg C temperature. Sigh!

I don't understand why running everyday makes me feel good.
Yet not running at all I feel sad =(....I even have backaches!
Maybe running just became an integral part of my's like food....I feel weak without run.

To perk up my mood- I check on the results of run for home. The last race I was in....and there were pictures too.

....presenting my latest recruit....his official time is 28:1 (gun start) and 27:57 (net, timing chip) for 5K category. Yep, my husband is also into running now. This is his second race. This means my photographer is now on the run too!


  1. I can empathize with the low mileage thing :) Actually for me its more like no mileage because I'm in recovery :) Hey congratulations to your hubby! That's fast! sub 30 5k hehe :)Very nice :) Nawalan ka tuloy ng photog lol.


  2. that's alright if you have low mileage. as long as you have the drive to run, then that's no issue at all. you can make up for it on succeeding days.

    also, congrats to your husband for accomplishing a sub-30 finish. i wish i was as speedy as him!

    keep on running!