Sunday, July 5, 2009

Running Blog #41: My first 10K race with Manila MILO elimination

As of this writing perhaps some of the participants is just on their way home after they witness closing ceremony of the 33rd MILO Marathon-Manila Elimination.
Kudos to the race organizer- it was good! There is plenty of water and the water station is really strategically located, there were lots of energy drink, showers from a fire truck?? hehehe for the 10K-42K runners -and not to mention the MILO energy drink. It was never that good! I swear, I always prepare the MILO drink of my children- but this morning was the best tasting MILO I ever had in my life....nyahahahaha- maybe it's something to do with the ratio it's not too sweet and its creamy. Well, perhaps it should really taste good since it was the MILO creator who concocted it hehehe.

Honestly, I have a serious doubt if I'm gonna make it. I have history of failing to show up everytime I registered in 10K category- classic examples were the Power Run 09, Mizuno Infinity Run and many more way back 08. Sigh! But today I guess I breakfree from the curse nyahahahahaha....

Consequently, the 33rd MILO Marathon is also the first ever race of my husband.
Unfortunately he was not able to time his performance so he has no idea what time he finished it. But he enjoyed it so much....I can sense- some regret why in the past he never raced but simply hold on to his camera for some photo shooting opportunity.
I guess the setback of my husband also joining a race is that I have no photographer to tag along nyahahaha....I realized that I didn't even have a photo of me during my run.....unfortunately, I did not spot any of the photovendo photographer.
So maybe, I have to be contented with the shot in the car, the shot at home and the video which I unknowingly took by Benet's hubby.

After realizing we have no pix of the race- we took this self portrait inside the car hehehe

At home with Matti

I bring my celphone during the run because I have a feeling that it might take ages before I'll find my husband- imagine there were twenty thousand participants on this event....whoa! The MILO marathon and its elimination is indeed the biggest marathon sponsored in the country- it is comparable to maybe the biggest international marathon event.
So to fully utilize my phone I decided to take one shot of the runners...see....looks like panning shot- but I was running eeehh! I have no intention to this is how it looks like when you photograph while running hehehe

My unforgettable moment in this event is when the runners climb the fly over in Roxas to Le Pavillion. Hmm...I have climb mountains but not feels different so I slightly shifted my attention to the baywalk I find it amazing- I can breathe the air from the reminded me of the recent quote I have read from my Yoga+ back issue "I love to think of nature as an unlimited broadcasting station through which God speaks to us every hour, if we only tune in."
My mind graciously asked the Lord's guidance that I may survive this new ordeal.
Then, amazingly running towards the end of first 5K became easy and satisfying.

On my way back to the finishline, I bumped into one of the TAKBO.PH guy- he was wearing his TAKBO.PH singlet so I recognized him as probably one of the active members- unfortunately I didn't get his name - but I am sure it was not the big man of TAKBO.PH.....I am not sure if the bull runner run today...I think I didn't see her- later I'll check it from her site.

Most of the Run ADIc- hehehe ADI colleagues run in this event, but I only saw Randy who did a 21K....Kudos for finishing it in 2hr ++ way earlier than the curfew.
Also my friend Benet run for 5K never get to see her but gave her a call while I was bound home (that is why I learned about the video thing hehehe)....I'm sure she hit it earlier than her record time.

I still can't believe it....finally I get to race on the 10K category.
It was fun- I paced based on my training where I can only managed a 7:00 min/km but my Garmin says I did 6:44 min/km -that was nice. I really wanted to run throughout the distance....I don't want to stop and walk. So I finally clocked at 1:11:15- this is my unofficial time- I started my garmin right after BF hit the maybe this is close.
I don't want to face that imaginary wall- yah! I read about it from the man behind ultra marathon or ultra running in the Philippines- the bald runner....hmmm reading his blog the night before the race is a good stimulus. This guy is a purest runner.
I started to have a conviction....believing I can do it...yes as the MILO slogan this year says "Kaya mo yan!". Thanks to Bro J for reminding me of this slogan hehehe and the Gingerbreadman for believing that I can do it.

Next race...RUN FOR HOME for another 10K =)



  1. great runnin' day! luv ya! this is hubby..

  2. Congratulations and just keep on running! See you at the Run for Home race! _ Bro J