Sunday, July 19, 2009

Running Blog #46: RUN FOR HOME

What a day!
Probably as of this writing many bloggers and runners found their way home after the very first RUN FOR HOME. The event was organized by Finishline and sponsored by GLOBE and Ayala Land with Habitat for Humanity as beneficiary.

As usual right after finishing our run, hubby and I sneaked out immediately and went home. This time we need to be home fast because our nanny's gonna be out for her day-off.

So while most runners are probably having reunion hehehe- I was already home washing the dishes =)

This morning race is full of surprises. Yeah.
Some of my first time experiences in this race.

  1. This is the first race that we arrived early in the venue...Thanks to my hubby who is also racing for 5K we managed to wake up early. Btw, he did great a PR of 23 minutes (unofficial time) hehehe according to him his target is actually sub 20...honestly I am sure he can do better than his MILO time. He is better in shape and in sports. I guess it was easy for him to shift into running....he's got a lot of sprinting exposure in softball =)
  2. This is my first race that I get to meet with Benet, a colleague from ADI. And I even got to meet her brother and in-laws. They were all running in 5K.
  3. This is my first race with my AdiTempo...well the reason I was using this shoes is because- I thought it's gonna rain...hehehe last thursday it was soaked in the rain though the shoes is already dry hehehe I don't want my mizuno getting wet.
  4. This is the first race where I got a lot of blisters waaah! what's in the shoes?
  5. This is the first race where I got to wear my iamninoy shirt. And there were number of us wearing singlet is quite big for me.
  6. This is the race where I did people watching....admiring fellow runners of all ages, shapes and status. I didn't know people watching is fun.
  7. This is my first hand experience with the electronic timing! There is no need to fall in line to have the barcode collected (Yah! High tech!).The electronic timing chip will record accurately based on the time I crossed the starting line...passed the 5K slot and as I crossed the finishline. According to the leaflet distributed after the run- official result will be available by July 23.
  8. This is my 10K run that I regretted having my hydration belt. Boy! There were lots of water in the station.
  9. This is the first time I saw a newton shoes in real life hehehe...I saw a guy running ahead of me...he is wearing Newton. Got caught my attention with the lugs in the forefoot looks familiar....Yah! But what really perplexed me is that...did I saw the rubber on the heel side of the sole flapping? Or was it just my imagination?
  10. This is my first race where I didn't get a practice run throughout the week. (Unlike the MILO event, I was dragged by my husband the day before the race for a practice run in island cove hehehe).This run surprised me I ended up at 1:10:00 based from my Garmin- perhaps my official time will be near my MILO time....bwhahahaha. I just can't believe it...I was thinking I'll hit a little under 1:30 maybe 1:29:30 nyahahaha.

I am trying to recall my run throughout my race period with the help of Garmin Connect- and I realized that I started hard. I guess this is the reason for a high %HR.
In fact, when I started traversing the Kalayaan flyover I noticed a different rhythm in my heart beat (and a little chest pain which bugs me since the other night). So upon seeing the first water station I decided to stop take a 100 plus and water hehehe even if I have one in my hydration belt- I felt it would be good to take a stop (my first wall hehehe).
Then to take away my mind from the chest pain...hell it was barely 2 endangering to DNF (Did not finish!).
I decided to have fun...I did people watching during my traverse to Kalayaan fly over we met the 21K runners they were running on the other lane back to Fort. I saw the fast runners and the popular personalities in the blogsphere. The first one I saw is the Bald Runner- yeah! This man never ceased to radiate inspiration- he's like the walk the talk in the running community or like a father figure of all the local runners.
Then later I thought I saw Leica Carpo- the Pinay Boston marathoner who did a sub 4. I am not sure though because I have seen her only in pictures...I was star strucked...she is so fit-I'd say fat-free...the sight of her slowed me down. If I have a pen and a paper I'll probably request for an authographed. OMG she was fast.
Then after a few meters I saw Randy a colleague in ADI of course we exchange our Hi and Hello help me breathe out! Then Anthony Pangilinan, the celebrity trainer...I didn't bother to call him because am not sure if he remembers me anyway (he was our trainer in a company sponsored training High Impact Presentation- he's great!). Told you, I did people watchin hahaha then I saw the tri-athlete senator Pia Cayetano....I was amazed that Randy was ahead of her...I am not just sure if he sustained until the finish line hehehe. Then the journalist and former Congressman Gilbert Remulla was also in the 21K wow! Sir...if you come across my blog, this is my personal message to you: I hope you'll be able to conceive a run race in our radiate a more positive presence amongst your constituents...I know you are a very influential person in our province =)...I hope you bring home some race =)
Then after awhile....I saw my favorite blogger in the blogsphere - who else but the Bull Runner. Boy! I can't help but wave my hello and she gladly return my greetings....oh! am sorry if somehow I bothered your concentration. =)
I was hoping to see other runner/blogger like the TRN and other guys from but unfortunately....I didn't see the familiar soul in the forum....well I do see some wearing a singlet but they were not familiar faces (am not sure I saw their pix in the forum) and besides I'm kinda far from them to wave a hand hehehe.
Imagine....I was people watching like for more than 3 kms which really slowed me down but I don't regret it....I am actually motivated to see all those 21K runners watch them run while I am also running my race....I know it would be my next category hehehe- am not kidding I hope to run the 21K before the year ends (so help me God.).
Then back to my own race, I was far from getting to the 5K u-turn slot when I saw my watch I am already timing at 30:00 waaaah! then another wall...Whew! there is no more plastic band... I really love this electronic timing chip. I walked through in that red mat instead of running through it hehehe ...I guess that is where the sensor resides.

Running back to the Fort after the 5K was pretty difficult nyahahaha another uphill to the Kalayaan flyover...I managed it with my baby steps....but guess what I was desperate that I hit another wall....hmmm then I saw a pacer from the PINOY ULTRARUNNERS- I paced with the guy...I was actually thinking of requesting him to pace with me to the finish line but then I was shy enough to ask for help hehehe but my calves were already complaining and guess what the blisters.....waaaa. Now it dawned upon me that everytime I run with my AdiTEMPO am having blisters and I regretted that I wore it this morning instead of my offense to the AdiTempo fans but personally Mizuno Wave Precision is my best racing shoes ever hehehe.

The last 2 km of my run is agonizing...then another wall with just 500 m away to the finish line. Sigh! And no more sprinting to the finishline. After my run- didn't got a chance to people watch anymore- I don't have the luxury of time...I guess I missed Coach Rio, the rest of the RunAdic gang and oh my I think I didn't see the JAZA =(

About the race and my bizarre mind....I face the made me stop and walk and not once but four times. Whoa! I have to stop and walk to stabilize my heart rate.
I blame it on my Garmin because the average heart rate in display is always at 92% in fact there was a time on my last 4 km that my average heart rate is at 99%...whew! what was that? Probably lack of training- hmph! blame it on the bad weather....hahaha am not whining nor finding excuses of not running in good shape. But I realize- that my garmin's display was average! Duh! I check out my MILO race and compare it with this morning and found out that my heart rate during the MILO race is much stable compared to this morning....I guess the theory of having a lack of practice is correct.

Hmmmm I guess I faced the wall- so I can bang my head and made me realized that I have the responsibility to be fit before the race....I can feel that I am almost in the brink of cramps on the last leg of my race. My feet feels numb and my calves were a little painful. Sigh!
I learned my lesson this morning. The dreaded the DNF (Did not finish) is at the back of my mind....I want to finish every race that I join (though DNS -Did not show, is another story)....and as much as possible I don't want a medic....this is my personal conviction that is why I am a little anxious this morning.But thanks heavenly I ended well with a little pain in my calves.

Finally, this week my mileage is 10K this morning race....and the long wait is over....officially I have completed my first 300K for the year. Hmmmm it reminds me also that since hubby's bday is on July 24 and we have no other runs scheduled...maybe this morning run is gonna be a dedication to his bday and the upcoming practice run...hopefully nice weather!


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  1. thanks for those kind words about me. congrats on your 10K finish. just build-up on your endurance and let your speed comes naturally. good luck on your next races & hope to meet you personally.

  2. @Bald Runner:
    Sir, it is an honor to have you as visitor in my site. Thanks for dropping by. I look forward to meeting you on upcoming races.