Sunday, August 2, 2009

Memory Lane

This last two weeks is zero mileage.
I felt really bad! But what can I do...I can't run huhuhu the weather, the fever, the kids also having fever huhuhu even if I registered 10K for the urbanite run....I haven't had any mileage in two weeks. I guess I have to contain myself training for the last 13 days.

So today I decided to climb the attic to give a little push to my sweat glands and check on some things like the leaking roof, pests etc.
But instead I caught sight of the box......tadan! my memory lane.

I remember I was newly wed when my mom shipped that box to me.
Her main reason, I wouldn't want it thrown away...Gosh! That was startling 11 years back.

So today....I decided to open it.
Like pandora's contained a lot of junk and many loose papers.
Loose write ups that didn't get to publish....I was even thinking of creating a blog to post my archives - collection of poetry and short story....but its just too time consuming.
There were even...our old paper organ trailblazers (which I was member of the staff during highschool days), the democrats (college), the torch....oh! and I saw a mixed up blue and gold from AdeNU- I bet that was my sister's.

Then there were even penfriends in my highschool days...hahaha....when the email is a thing of the future and snail mail is the IN means to communicate.

I realized that I love to write....not necessarily a good writer but I love expressing my thoughts so even my academic notes in college days...there were silly notes about feelings, about growing up, uncertainty etc.

Now the memory lane reminded me just how much I hated integral calculus notebook is filled with mixed emotion and perplexity on how I took up an engineering's all written in there and it was so funny.

This poem which I written around 1994- struck me....I don't know about the motivation or what I was feeling when I wrote it.
As I was contemplating about it today I realized that it seems I saw the artwork in my dellusional state when I gave birth to my first born.


Daily battle,
wit and fits.
People live and die,
as time passes by.
Memoirs are there
standing by!

Constant changes,
like a song that fades....
cry of a newly born babe,
endless generation
never to stop!

Sigh! I still doesn't want to throw it away...I never get to sort everything...I took a few sketch from our artist back then- and am planning to scan it.
I guess some great memories
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