Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Lunch Run, Anyone?

Lately I frequent to 750words than I would in my own blog. I realized below thought  is not so private and would actually make blog material have I not discovered 750words :-)    

 Five years ago I hear people tell me "you're crazy" or "are you nuts, can you really go that distance?" whenever I run longer than usual. People tend to think I'm weird. I probably have to agree with them I'm mad or nuts, and it doesn't really matter anymore. I can agree somehow that I am weird.
The worst of this predicament is that you hear this vaunt from person who aren't fit at all to even give you an opinion of how you should manage your health and fitness. I learned to smile from it or bully them back by asking them to run with me. Of course some would dare. But most wouldn't.
But the best option is of course to just ignore it. Besides, I don't need to explain myself to anybody. I learned that you cannot please everybody. And you cannot make everybody agree with you. I know! Even my own children won't allow me to.

Running gives me so much and whatever I hear will never make me have any second thoughts about it....sounds like real true love noh!
Then the running boom came sometime 2009 and races happens more than once a week. Now the weekend is full of races, left and right. It becomes difficult to choose which race to go. Maybe, this is the reason why lately I rarely race. I focus instead on enjoying my runs. It's like an everyday race. I feel this way maybe because I almost lost it. I got stuck on responsibility such as work, family affairs and a medical condition that requires me to do less running. Well I guess am completely nuts. Because, at the beginning of the year I decided not to heed the Doctor's advise. And I ended up running on my lunch break. Yes, that's right. It's the only feasible time of the day. And I'm loving it with my tan lines.
Here are the main reason why I continue to partake on this silliness of running mid day when everyone else take their lunch:
  1.  It's the most feasible time of the day. Instead of trotting at the cafeteria with very few healthy options, I opted to run. An hour worth of workout is better than nothing. No matter how crappy it felt in the beggining it always end feeling great!  
  2. I get to plan in my head while I run (anything that I look forward to in the future :-0 )
  3. I return to my desk with clarity. I think I am more efficient with my job after each run.
  4. The office environment is really cold. And I have difficulty coping up with the temperature. I am not sure if it is because of hypothyroidism but then when I come back to desk, I feel warm from the inside. I never feel sleepy during the unholy hour of 1 to 3 pm. And I keep my sanity during afternoon meetings. I think I have widened my horizon.
  5. By running at lunch, I sharpened my planning skills. I plan even my meal. I eat almost every hour after my workout. This small frequent meal is healthier and help me maintain my weight.
  6. I became more creative. I continuously evaluate my option to ensure that I get to my commitment and that includes my lunch workout. As a result, I believe it makes me a better person.
  7. Time management becomes an essential skills acquired through my lunch running repertoire. And I continue to hone by continuously practicing it. To juggle time in between work and workout is challenging. I often manage to squeeze at least 3x a week of body workout.
  8. Dinner with kiddos and tucking them to bed is some sort of ritual to me, I can't take that away from them. Running at mid day instead of after office hours allows me the luxury to spend more time with them.
  9. I learned a lot about myself. Isn't it great to be able to come outside see the greens, sky, the glaring sun all too powerful and awe-inspiring. I can't believe that by simply running outside, I am going away for a while in the four cornered wall. I get myself some breather.
  10. And finally, I get to ran away from desserts and white carbs. Even if I don't buy one....offers from friends' really difficult to turn down lol!
Of course, the time element was resolved from this lunch running habit.
I am praying and asking God for strength so that I can continue to sustain this activity, and make me race ready!
The con is you get yourself toasted. Of course I am saying this because in the Philippines women are lured to various whitening products to achieve that mestiza look.
Perhaps with this habit, I'll acquire the Indio color forever.

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