Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Sir Jesse Deserves the Outpouring Love of the People (#salamatjesse)

Genuine public service is still possible in the government. Sir Jesse’s stint as public servant is a classic example. He was the one, as we knew him personally, who takes on public service as a profession. His achievements and citations are proofs of his dedication. He passionately advocated that we badly need to implement changes on our local bureaucracies. These were not known to most of us until now that we are in the midst of remorse, mourning of his tragic death. Sir Jesse is undeniably a great loss to our country. He was a person of modesty, with a big heart to serve the public. He has exemplary leadership talents on public administration and honest governance to emulate. It is sad that he was just starting out doing reforms on a national scale as DILG chief and we lost him. We believe that he can replicate what he had done successfully in Naga City. You are gone too soon. Your countrymen will miss you.

We sincerely thank Sir Jesse’s family for being generous of sharing the life of such a good man to the people and the country. No doubt….he will be remembered as a great one…

Morano’s family (San Felipe, Naga City and  Cavite)

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