Sunday, February 7, 2010

Condura 2010 Run for the Dolphins

This is my official first race for the year....21K-Run for the Dolphins.

I was having anxiety before the D day because five days before the race I was having a sore calf muscle. Maybe something to do with less training runs. So from Wednesday to Saturday I decided to have a rest and telling myself occasionally to let my body do the strategy....and with God's grace perhaps I will be able to do justice to my very first half marathon.

Saturday night I decided to wear my CWX tights- I know the cold breeze in the morning might cause some cramps so I think the CWX will help support the aching muscles. I don't have medical explanation yet why the nerves respond that way. So just to be sure nothing gets wrong I decided I'll wear it.

Come Sunday- D day! We woke up late. Sigh! Were really not good in this thing, we always had a hard time waking up early, we planned to wake up 3:00 AM and leave home by 3:30. Whew! So everything has to be done quickly and we were able to leave home by 4 AM. By the time we were at Mc Kinley Rd (this one is right after we took the right turn from EDSA)- all 42K runners were passing...hmmm were doomed late.

But God is good- we easily find our parking slot and then we just have to run fast to the starting corral to join other 21K runners who were already speeding off. Though, we were still able to witness the last streaks of the fireworks and then hubby and I parted ways. I ran according to my pace...I did not allow the rush of the crowd to move me ...I was pacing based on my body's will...I was not worried of anything.... even the darkness I did not fear. I was praying a lot- my worst fear is to have cramps while running. Honestly, I have not experienced this yet and I don't want to experience this while running because my memories of having leg muscle cramps way back on my pregnancy days is the most painful (more painful than delivering a child hehehe because I was on CS). I feel like dying. So to ease my mind of the negative vibes, I populate my mind with a lot of prayers, with a lot of good things happening in my life and how much running gave can I not sing praises. Even the songs in my shuffle does not intervene my was just a background music where the beat just sync with my feet.

As I pass by the Kalayaan flyover, I did not noticed the elevation because of darkness. But the light coming from the approaching vehicle almost blind me- my visor can't shield me from the glare. The run was almost perfect that I have a continuous run until I passed by and Reiner Pacific aide station and was happy to strike a pose while running. I think by that time, I was already confused if I had counted already three or four bands playing festive trance. Then the way to Buendia and the skyway was a mixture of speeding and and slowing down to baby steps on the elevation but no walk breaks...I swear...boy! it was fun running the skyway- I asked myself why did I lost to oversleeping last year (because last year I also registered for run for the whale shark).

The km markers seemed insufficient or maybe I have not noticed much- but I think nobody gets lost because there were swarms of runners...there were 1500 of us for 21K. I also enjoyed reading the inspirational notes along the way (the one that strikes me is "I found my hero and He was me" I guess this was on my way back). And as I was approaching to take my U turn - I saw the fast runners ahead of me...recognized their faces....I felt so happy that they get there already....and as I took my turns to get my badge whoa! I felt relief. Then run again....and wave to some other runners approaching the everybody gets to their destination it doesn't matter what time its about scaling the distance and doing it without shortcuts.

As I passed by the portalet I feel a sudden urge to pee, but there were several runners on the line so I decided to continue running. Running down to buendia and seeing the SM Hypermart reminded me it would be a few more kms to get to the finishline-wow! Then I was back to the happiest aide and Reiner Pacific....the peeps out there were just so cheerful. Real runners know how to cheer up and give support to fellow runners- there were bananas, water, sports drink, sprayed liniments and band that was playing really loud and festive sound, ....but the most that I cherished were the cheerful peeps saying encouraging words to the runners- their generosity was superbly appreciated. I also got a chance to see Sir Amado upclose- he was there cheerful to all the runners- he was like a father encouraging his children to believe in themselves and achieve their goal.
If I will remember the Condura run my first half marathon- this one is the sweetest....I was all alone-no pacer, almost giving up to walk breaks but then there were happy people encouraging me-whoa! it fueled me to get more kms.

Finally, I give up as I see the portalet, I give up to the urged to pee...boy! I didn't know that this is one set back in wearing tights, its difficult to take off when you wanted it immediately- took me more than 3 min. One thing I noticed that the race was indeed well thought of- guess what there were rolls of tissue paper in the portalet- it was a welcome relief for female runners. Cheers to that.

My way back to the kalayaan flyover was almost difficult, stopping for a while....means my legs felt it was good to slow down. In my mind I wanted to run more....then suddenly I become technical....maybe am feeling this because I have not followed my training plan to the letter- this is some sort of punishment....growl growl growl....then suddenly there is side stitch as I approach the flyover elevation sigh! I moved to the side and had my walk breaks. After some 10 m started to run again and bumped into one of my colleague....I decided to run the last 1 km smoothly, I don't want to push too much I want to savor every step of the last 1km -and then I witness one of the sweetest family in the running community they were spectators with banners written on it "You can do it dad!"- the kids were there cheering their father...he was ahead of me by a few meters and I saw his son run with him in a few steps....I can't help but remember my toddlers-who were probably still asleep by that time. The scene that I have witness were wonderful so savoring every step of my last 500m felt great because this is my first race for this category- they call it half marathon for a whooping 21.095kms and before I knew feet feats clocked to garmin at 2:26:11 but my official time is 2:27:22. My husband was waiting on the finishline- already rested with an official clock of 2:17 (see race result here). Wow! I wish someday we could run side by side hmmmm I guess it will happen soon in Nuvali hehehe (I mean competitive that I can keep up with him, not that he waits for me hehehe).

I would like to congratulate all the runners and finishers who conquered the skyway.

But most of all my sincerest thanks to the organizers the famous running Concepcion brothers and the volunteers for their sincere dedication to make this event a happy memory to all those who dream to conquer, survive and win the race.

These are the only photos from my celphone- I wish I have a photo in action, I dunno if there were photographers who saved mine hehehe because most of them doesn't really know me.

Photo ops with fellow "uragon" hehehe Coach Rio- he is also a bicolano, were so proud of him.
I learned that he is also organizing the camsur marathon on Sept 26.
Thank you Coach for bringing home the running fever!


  1. Joy, I wonder why my previous comment did not appear here.

    No wonder we didn't see each other. Ang bilis bilis mo! Congratulations!

    Are you joining the TBR Dream Marathon?

  2. Hi Nora- hello there.
    Yes am joining the TBR Marathon, when they opened another 100 slots- I got my chance.

    See you there or in one of the bull sessions.
    Last night I missed the session.