Sunday, February 14, 2010

We Conquered Nuvali

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Feb 14, 2010- Happy hearts day!
We celebrated it with a bang because we participated in The North Face- Thrill of the trail, Nuvali. We ran for the couples category, 11k distance.
It was such a great experience....a different theme in dating (hahaha for singles).

For more than a week hubby and I contemplated if we will billet to a nearby hotel in Nuvali or camp in the area.
We were hoping to get the kids into the picture- because Nuvali is widely advertised as a nice place for adventure and a relaxing place for family.

Sigh! during our planning period, we didn't realized that the kids are due for their pulmo check up and was alarmed in one of our celphone only last friday. We ended up not having any of those wishful thinking- the kids had a check up with their pulmo doctor yesterday....we were home late so all the plans were dismissed. Instead we leave home around 4AM today to catch up the 6AM gun start at Solenad.

Indeed, the place is beautiful. The road is haven to road runners like us.
I wish I could still experience running again in that area.
I read from TBRs blog that this will be the place for TBR dream marathon....lucky for those who made it to the first 200 registrant- good luck folks!

The trail was exciting- narrow and rolling terrain.
The river trail was superb, hala! I didn't see much running slowed down everyone.
I was always catching my breath because hubby is one good trail runner, he never gets tired. His walk breaks were because of me....and I never stopped admiring his long stride....whew! I wish I could do those things. Like hopping from one rock to another.
He told me that trail running is close to his heart....not because he is a certified trail runner, but because thats what they do way back in the province (but of course they didn't know by then that there is such a sport)...they trek or run the river trail from san felipe to carolina (naga city) until their feet carry them farther to Mount Isarog. He missed those days, and it seems it was relived by the joys of our trail running.

Hubby's mind is probably busy reliving his youthful days ....while I am missing the mountains. Because it's almost a year since my last climb. Trail running to me is like a fusion of mountaineering and running.

Part of the requirement for the couples category to qualify as finisher is to cross the finish line while holding hands. So we did, and of course with a kiss hehehe....cheesy! Photos flared everywhere...hubby was so conscious about it ...then I was handed with a flower and certificate.

This race was sooooo cool and I hope theres another one next year hahaha.

Some post race pix

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